Friday, May 25, 2012

Review: Lust Have it sample box May 2012

So if you have been paying attention, you might be saying right about now.. "Wait a minute? Hasn't Omega already reviewed the May LHI Box?"

And indeed I did, not so long ago. Apparently the merge with Glossybox hasn't been flawless, and as an existing LHI subscriber I have wound up with two packages this month.

Can you tell I am really, really upset? I'm totally not grinning and clapping my hands at getting a double helping, oh heavens no.

So - this is the box for existing LHI subscribers, as opposed to the "Glossy Box" special I already got. So what's in it?

  • Roberto Cavalli Perfume Sample - a perfume sample is always welcome! This smells of orange blossoms, it's really nice. I also love the perfume samples that have a little spray top like this one rather than the ones with the hard-to-remove lids.
  • Babor Platinum Lifting Extra Firming Cream - 50 mls of this stuff is worth $285, so even the teeny sample here is worth a few bucks.. 
  • De Lorenzo Elements Ocean Mist Sea Salt Styling Spray - a full size sample. I've gotten this as a sample before, but it's a good product and one I'm happy to have a double of. I have to say though that the packaging does make me giggle a bit - it's called "Ocean Mist", says it has "Natural Sea Salt" and proudly proclaims that it also contains "Certified Organic Seaweed Extract".. and that is all no doubt very true and lovely, but it does rather give the impression that this is a natural, organic sort of product... when you look at the ingredients list you see a truly impressive list of chemical ingredients.. my favourite is "Caprolactam/vp/Dimethylaminoethylmethacrylate copolymer" - the resident biochemist I am lucky enough to live with tells me that's a perfectly normal ingredient for soap products. I am all for science, and I'm certainly not opposed to high-tech formulations - I just think if you DID care a lot about these things, and you didn't actually read the small print, you could get the impression that this product is a lot more "natural" (whatever the heck that means) than it really is. Always read the small print, folks! :)
  • Lust Soap from Lush - very very happy to have another gorgeous soap sample from Lush
  • Showface Professional Eyeshadow - a full size sample worth $22. Initially when I saw this I was a little disappointed because it was "just grey".. a very workable and useful colour but not very exciting.. but when I swatched it.. wow, it's more like a gorgeous silver metallic.. very impressed with this and can't wait to use it.
  • Nicole by OPI, mini bottle of nailpolish, mine is a gorgeous purple which will be the perfect accompaniment to the purple glitter one I got in the other LHI box. 
I keep saying "box" but this once again is presented in a cute pink makeup bag. For me boxes are probably more useful than acquiring multiple bags (especially when they are pink) but they will make nice stocking stuffers or something I'm sure.

Another strong showing from LHI - I can say that the regular subscribers and the ex-glossybox offerings were both very much on par - not identical but certianly equally good.


  1. Ooooh shiny :D Of all the boxes, LHI has always impressed me the most with their content, while Glossybox was still high on the list... I'm quite excited by the merger, I really do have to fork over my credit card so I can enjoy the pretties for myself!

  2. Love what you had to say about De Lorenzo! (I do like De Lorenzo) Great to see that you see things for what they are and if you dont know something you find out from an actual scientist! I like to call my products "nature identical" ;)