Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review: Mothers Day BellaBox 2012

Today I was delighted to receive the special edition "Mother's Day" Bellabox.

It's got a more hefty price-tag attached, but for the asking price of $39.95 there's a lot of goodies here.

Here's what we've got:

  • Alpha-H Liquid Gold Soothing and Perfecting Mask - a full size 50ml sample worth $31.50
  • Gatineau Melatogenie Day and Night Emulsion - sample size
  • OCC Lip Tar - I was absolutely thrilled to get "NSFW" an amazing red which I most certainly WILL be wearing to work (and a lot of other places besides). A full size sample worth $16
  • Ozotic Nail Polish - in red again (It's my lucky day!) - The colour is called "Reddy Set Go" and it's a light tomato red, very wearable. This is a full size sample worth $7.95
  • MOR Lip Nectar in "Belladonna" - full size sample worth $19.95. Like everything from MOR the packaging is absolutely gorgeous and it smells heavenly.
  • Baroque Perfumes Solid Perfume Stick. I got a scent called "Serendipidy" which is vaguely floral, not unpleasant at all. This is a full size sample worth $15
  • Pangea Organics "Egocentric Lipcare" Lip Balm - Pyrnees Lavender with Cardamom. I am not really a lip balm person but if I was one, I'd choose this, the combination of lavender and cardamom is just wonderful - I actually prefer the scent of this to the perfume stick :)
So, it cost more than the regular box but it's worth a LOT more. I'm delighted with this, it has makeup, the makeup is RED, there's some other lovely things here... a gorgeous collection.

It got mailed out REALLY fast too, so if you're stuck for a quick idea for your Mother on Mother's Day, this would be a brilliant solution. You can personalise the card too if you want to.  Of course you can do what I did and treat yourself, as well. 

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