Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review: NP Set Red Carpet

 I got this palette in a special edition GlossyBox at a blogger event.. it's part of the Napoleon Perdis budget brand "NP Set", this version is called "red Carpet".

For $30 or so you get a lot of products - four lip glosses, two blushes and four eyeshadows.

Normally with a palette I would expect the colours to all go together - with this palette that doesn't seem to be true. Each individual product is quite nice but they do not easily combine with one another - in fact I'd suggest a very careful hand is required with these to avoid some looks you probably want to avoid.

Let's start with the glosses - there's a red, a brown, a silver and a pink - all are very faint and will give just a slight hint of colour to the lips. If you are into a "barely there" look these will appeal.

The blushes are at the other end of the spectrum - highly pigmented, very strong colours that need to be applied with a very light hand to avoid a clown effect. An orange/coral colour and a bright pink are both challenging shades to pull off.

The eye shadows are a smoky grey/purple tone, a powdery blue, a cream/champagne colour and a darker gold. Carefully mixed, they can go together - you can see a look I put together with these below.

I will most likely be using these individually with other things I have, but I will not probably be combining them together very often - that rather defeats the purpose of a palette for me, so I am not sure how much use I would get out of this. 


  1. Oh wow, I love the two blush colours! So pretty.

    Great review :) Xx

    1. Hi Melinda! The blush colours are really highly pigmented.. I think I'm going to be using them quite a bit, but maybe not as blush all the time, I think they'd make good eyeshadows for a fresh look :)