Monday, May 21, 2012

Smoky Berry Eyes Tutorial

Berry Eyes are all over the place at the moment - at the much touted Met Gala there were plenty of celebrities sporting the look and it was all over Fashion Week as well.

Lucky for us it's not a terribly difficult look to recreate - I've done a quick vlog of one way you can put it together.

The products used in this tutorial:

  • Whitening Dual BB Cream by FaceIt
  • Eye Brightener - Models Prefer
  • Eye Primer - Models Prefer
  • 4-Colour Liquid Metal Palette by Illamasqua- I used the berry tone, called "Superior"
  • Smoky Eye Palette - "Sugar Cookie" - Too Faced
  • Travel Makeup Palette "Fly High" by Chanel- I used two of the sparkly pink shadows
  • Tightliner in Black Cavair - Mirenesse
  • Gel Liner in Midnight Black - Om She
  • Lip Liner in Ruby - LimeLily
  • Lip Butter in No 40 Red Velvet - Revlon
  • 3D Forever Gloss - Mirenesse

I've tried something new with this tutorial - less talking, more speedy application. Let me know what you think of it in the comments.


  1. Very cool :) I hope one day I'll be able to apply eyeliner that efficiently hehe

    1. Thank you! All it takes is practice, just keep at it and you will get faster and more accurate with time :)