Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wish List: Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate

I've been getting into contouring lately, so products designed for this have been catching my eye more and more. If money were no object, I think this might be the pick of the bunch - it's the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate palette - it comes in two combos "Intensity One and Two", number two being darker in tone than number one.  
At $100 this would be quite the investment, but I have myself convinced that seeing as it's such a highly pigmented product and would last such a long time, on a cost-per-wear basis it's really not that expensive. 

As you would expect for this end of the market this is a beautifuly packaged product with a great formulation - the deep shade is totally matte and designed to give you natural shadows exactly where you want them, and the highlight adds glow and light to your skin. 

As spotted in the wild
Ideally when you're doing contouring the fact that you're doing it at all should be invisible - when you've got it right it simply looks like your face is shaped naturally however you contoured it to look. With this product that's the effect you could achieve.  

Sadly I don't think this will be mine any time soon, but it's definitely got a permanent place on my wishlist in the meantime.. 


  1. Wooow. It's certainly pricey, but it's certainly gorgeous!

    1. I agree it's not cheap, but it would be a worthwhile investment I think :)