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The Bride Wore Black - From the Mailbox, Black Plus Size Wedding Dress, and Red Plus Size Bridesmaid Dress options..

A question from the Fashion Adjacent Mailbox:

Loving your blog & have done for a while & I'm hoping you can point me in the right direction for some fabulous clothes....

My fabulous best friend is getting married in nov & she's looking for a black bridal gown & I'm going to be wearing a red bridesmaid dress, prob being we have had limited success finding a black gown or a red long length dress (she's size 12/14 & I'm 18/20) 
We've looked at many many shops in the outer east & so far we haven't quite found the right dresses. Any suggestions of shops in our great metropolis? 
If you have any ideas that'd be great if not that's cool too. Love your blog, love your flair.

A red and black wedding? Whyever did you think to ask ME of all people? It's not like I'm totally obsessed with red and black... oh, wait.

It is getting easier and easier for people to avoid the "big white dress" if they choose to do so on their wedding day.

For many plus sized brides what turns out to be the most economical and pleasing way to do things is to engage the services of a dressmaker. Having a dress custom made costs around the same as the mid-to-high range off the rack offerings, and you get exactly what you want, in exactly the colour you want, sized exactly to you.

If you're determined to go off-the-rack though, there are still many good options available. Many of of the more "over the top" formal (or, if you're American, Prom) dresses would be more than suitable to walk down the aisle in.

I had a look at one of the big US sites for "prom dresses", TJ Formals (yes, they do ship to Australia), and found a wide variety of options in plus sizes. All of these dresses are available up to a size 26 and higher upon request.

Here's some that caught my eye. I thought it would be a cute idea for the bride and bridesmaid to mirror each other in their accessories, so the bride accenting with red shoes and jewellery, and her bridesmaid to reverse the scheme. I fell in love with some ridiculous shoes (wear gorgeous heels down the aisle and then switch to something more comfortable for a night of revelry!).. and these cute-but-elegant jewellery pieces. If you can't wear your heart on display on your wedding day, when can you?

You can click through to see closer pictures and details of each item.

The Bride Wore Black

1. Sherri Hill 2012 Prom Dress 3750 2. Cathy Waterman - Black Diamond Narnia Earrings 
3.Bonny Special Occasion Dress 7140 
4.Stephen Webster Sterling Silver Grey Cats Eye Jewels Verne Short Necklace
5. Bonny Special Occasion Dress 7816 6. Christian Louboutin Gril 120 sandals 
7. Bottega Veneta Ruthenium-plated silver cameo bracelet 
8. Sherri Hill 2012 Prom Dress 2223
9. King Baby Studio - Black Spinel Necklace with Black Crowned Heart (Black/Silver)

So, what did you think of my choices? Did you get married in a dress that wasn't white? Would you ever? Tell us about it in the comments!

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