Wednesday, June 6, 2012

From Look Book to Street Look: ChicStar

I have to admit straight up - I have a love/hate relationship with ChicStar. The idea of a collection that's getting created by the users is awesome. I love the voting on designs and the fact that they make (some) things in plus sizes.

That said, the manufacturing processes and the fabric choices they create the clothing in makes it rather a hit-and-miss affair. Sometimes what you get is totally gorgeous and a total steal for the money you've spent.. other times what you get is poorly made from cheap fabric and is a big disappointment.

The cheap prices and the cool designs keep me rolling the dice though, and I have got some pieces from there that I really love.

This is one of them. They call it a "Plus size Jacquard Long Coat".

If you've been around for the "Look Book to Street Look" series before, you will know how this works.

I'll show you how the label has styled their piece using their model and then I'll show you how I wear it.

Here's their picture of the model wearing this coat..I do so love it when clothing designers decide to do the "headless model" thing, don't you? No.. me neither.

Surely I should be able to knock this out of the park? Well, I did make a mistake, I chose to photograph myself after a rather enthusiastic night of revelry...oh dear, I am looking rather tired, aren't I?

The coat is nice though. It's of a lightweight, satiny jacquard fabric that is great for mid-season. It won't keep you particularly warm but it's perfect as a coverall when you're just walking from the car into a warm, crowded club or restaurant. The lightness and the non-crush element of the fabric means this coat folds up into a really small bundle too, no fussing about with the coatcheck!

Almost every time I wear this someone tells me how much they love it, and it does see rather regular wear in spring and autumn.

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  1. That coat is amazing, I think I'm in love...

    1. Ummm... yeah. Totally couldn't resist, I clicked through and ordered one for myself. Although I got the black one so we're not totally matchy-match :p

    2. Good work, I hope you like it as much as I do :)