Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lust List: Dita Von Tesse Art Deco Makeup Collection

I freely admit it, this post is nothing but cruelty. I'm going to show you something gorgeous that you can't have..  unless you're in Germany.

If you ARE in Germany, well, drop me a message, because if you help me get my hands on these babies I will be your best friend, forever.. :)

I am talking about the much anticipated makeup collection that Dita Von Teese is releasing.

Here's some of my favourites from the collection..
....some lucious lashes, a glorious eyeshadow palette and of course a red lipstick.

Here's what Dita had to say about her collection: ""The truth is that I'm quite an ordinary looking girl. When I was a little girl, I remember watching classic Hollywood films from the 40s and noticing that these glorious women were painted that way. Glamour is about creation, and any woman who desires it can learn to create it for herself as I have. I believe that makeup has the power to transform an ordinary woman into an extraordinary one."

I'm presuming that if this is successful in Germany it will be released to the rest of the world.. here's hoping!

If you want to look at all of the goodies you can see them at , along with a cute "behind the scenes" movie of the photo shoot.

In one of these shots Dita is wearing some really vivid peacock toned eye shadow that is nowhere to be seen in the collection as it stands.. so it looks like there might be a few more surprised in store with this release.
I have my fingers crossed it won't be too long before this sees a wider distribution.

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