Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Makeup Looks: The Midas Touch

Here's an everyday look with a little something special.. a hint of gold.

The gold eyeliner is called "Alchemy" and it's from the Precision Ink range by Illamasqua.  Like all of the "Precision Ink" range this is a high-impact product, and the felt tip means you can get the colour exactly where you want it (and nowhere you don't). When my Hunger-Games obsessed daughter saw this she said "Oooh! You could do a Cinna makeup tutorial!" - his makeup seems just a tad simplistic to do a tutorial again, but if you did want to do it this would be the perfect product.

The eyeshadow is from a great trio I scored in a sample box - It's Mirenesse's' "Pearl Crush Creaseless Shadows" and the colour is "Tahitian Pearls". It's a very wearable trio of a light cream, an antique bronze shade and a dark olive colour. I really love the dark bronze shade, I don't have another one like it and the metallic but not overly shiny tone of it is really appealing to me. The texture of these shadows is really nice, very creamy and the colours are great - I'm very impressed with these.

My lipstick is "Kate for Rimmel" in number 22.  A light tomato red I have raved about before. These lipsticks smell great and look great, and they are in regular rotation for me.

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