Friday, June 29, 2012

OOTD: Boho Braids

 The lovely lady who writes Fox in Flats likes to challenge her readers and fellow bloggers to various dares.. at the moment she is challenging us all to try wearing braids for a whole week...

Braids and plaits are all over the fashion runways at the moment, and unlike most of the other stuff you see up there this is one just about anyone can get into without too much cost or trouble at all.

Here's my bohemian take on the whole braid look. All I did with this was plait some front sections of my hair and then I pinned them up on my head.. like milkmaid braids but more of them. I pinned them messily on my head, letting flicks of hair fall out of the braid, keeping it all very loose and tousled. I teased my hair through the crown and then swept the rest over one shoulder and plaited that as well.

I think the way to wear plaits when you're no longer a schoolgirl is to keep them messy and modern.. it's a fun and easy way to wear your hair.. I recommend it!

The rest of my outfit was also boho inspired.. a long fishtail skirt. a batwing blouse with a lace insert at the back, the high neck of this blouse meant that I could wear this with my thermals underneath so that I didn't freeze to death in Melbourne's harsh winter!

I wore a feather trimmed ear cuff, and a beaded bracelet, and on my ankles, warm and comfy legwarmers with some rather silly pom-poms. I am totally breaking the fashion rule of "If you remembered it the first time around, you shouldn't participate in the revival" with these, but they're fun and warm.. and I've always been a bit of a rulebreaker.

I enjoyed soaking up what meagre sunshine Melbourne had to offer and had a nice lunch with my friends.. I think I'll be wearing braids more often!


  1. Very interesting! Braids are very dainty, but in red hair, it adds more character!