Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Review: Innoxa Lovely Lips Lipstick in Waterlilly

I got this for the best price there is - for free! It was in a "gift with purchase" sample bag at Priceline. When I saw the colour I made my traditional "ewwww, pink!" face but I was keen to try one of Innoxa's lipsticks - they are a brand I have often admired but don't own very much of at all.
The promo shot is arty and cool, gorgeous flowers bleeding colour right into the lipsticks. I suspect the actual manufacturing process differs slightly from the picture... after all, this colour is called Waterlily and I think those flowers are peonies?  (Correct me if I'm wrong, horticulturist readers!) Ahem. 

The packaging of this is quite nice, nothing particularly exciting going on here, but I do like that you can see the colour from the bottom of the tube (and for once, it's a very good match!) 

The colour, once on, is actually a rather lovely and on-trend coral shade.. not a sickly pink at all. The picture below of the swatch on my wrist is a more accurate view than the shot on my lips. 

Despite my anti-pink stance I found this a really nice lipstick, it is one of those "blend into the background" shades, very wearable for day to day stuff. The formulation feels nice on the lips and it's a good opaque shade without too much gloss or shimmer.

If you want to get into the coral trend without going super glossy, this might be an option for you. 

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  1. What a pretty colour! It looks great on you!

    Sharleena xx