Friday, June 22, 2012

Trend Alert: Plus Size Peplums

A hot trend I am liking at the moment are all the peplums that are popping up everwhere.. I think they're a great option for showing off curves.

Designers are putting them on dresses, tops, skirts, jackets and even playsuits so there's plenty of choices.. whether straight, curved or asymmetrical they're bound to make a statement.

Here's some of my favourite plus size picks that show off this trend from ASOS and Dorothy Perkins - Click through for a closer look or to snap up one of these beauties! All of these are available in plus sizes and ship to Australia. 

Omega's Picks: Peplums

Omega's Picks: Peplums II


  1. 14 is my favourite! 8 and 10 aren't too far behind though :)

    I love the peplum trend, although I never really understood the 'front peplum' part. Maybe it's just my body type, but I never found that having extra fabric over my belly to be particularly flattering (I don't like ruching either for the same reason).

    1. Bodies come in lots of shapes and sizes... this is why I think it's so silly when people say "If you wear size XXX, then you should always wear XXX and never wear XXX" because really, every single dress size encompasses all sorts of differently shaped bodies!

      For some people peplums are going to be awesome and for others.. not so much.. I think the key is knowing your body, giving it a go and seeing what works :)

    2. Very true, I've seen ruching that looks fabulous on other people, but I know it's not for me!