Monday, June 11, 2012

Two Solutions for Tangled Hair

My hair has just enough natural wave in it to knot. I often wake up with a horrible mess on my hands.. but in my family, I'm not the one who gets to be the guinea pig for detanglers, oh no..

You see my partner has amazing, gorgeous, breathtaking hair down past his waist. It's the kind of thing that makes men scoff and women swoon wherever he goes.. it also makes him the perfect person to test hair products on! Of course he likes having his hair brushed (who doesn't!) so it's a win win. 

With the right detangler, you can go from horrible knots to lovely smooth hair without pain, and without breaking your hair off.. 

Here's two great detanglers I have got in sample boxes that I really liked.

First up, the luxe option at around $21 a bottle - Davroe "Hair Wellness" Tame lemon grass detangler. This has a lovely lemongrass scent that isn't too girly, which pleased my guinea pig, and worked quickly to sort out the knots. It also left the hair really shiny and soft.. it seemed to act as a smoothing and moisturising treatment as well as a detangler.

At the budget end of the scale coming in at around $9 a bottle is SunSilk's Co-creations Expert-Perfect Straight Detangling Mist. This comes in spray-top that delivers quite a lot of product with each pump, so if you've got short hair you'll want to use a light hand with this. It also does the job nicely, but it doesn't leave the hair feeling moisturised like the Davroe product.

 If you are wanting to detangle, and then use other products to style, then I'd lean towards the Sunsilk product - it leaves the hair feeling dry and ready for something else. If you want a product that acts like a treatment as well for a smooth look, then the Davroe one is the way to go.

Either way you will conquer knots without drama with these helpers!

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