Friday, June 8, 2012

Winter is Coming Part 2: Seriously, dudes, Winter is totally here.

Continuing my "Winter is Coming" series this week (it has well and truly arrived!)

Here I am all rugged up again, and once more squinting at the sun...

I'm wearing a black knitted beret that has gold flecks in the wool and an interesting cable knit design - this was thrifted and cost me no more than a couple of bucks.

I have my wool blend pashmina - one of the first winter things I bought when I moved to Melbourne, it has been a faithful servant ever since.. the subtle black and red floral print tones in with all my other red stuff but doesn't try to compete - I can wear this with other patterned things without it all getting too clashy.

Keeping it sitting where I want it is a Penannular brooch - these have been used since ancient times to fasten clothes and wraps.. the fact that it looks like an Omega symbol is just an added bonus. This one is made of copper wire, I got it from the Etsy Store Katsara Yarns (there's another one just like it for sale there now).

My trusty ASOS coat has seen me through many cold days now (the awesome thing about being opposite season to overseas retailers is that things in season for us are on sale - like jackets on ASOS right now)

On my hands, possum fur fingerless mittens bought back for me from New Zealand by the ever gorgeous Mr Apocalypse Equipped himself.

All these combined make a chilly morning considerably less chilly, thank heavens!

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