7 Great Plus Size Options for Work

I find one of the biggest challenges in my wardrobe is finding really smart stuff for work. It's much harder to find a nice suit than casual wear in my experience.

To find smart corporate wear that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, well, that's quite the find indeed.

I was very pleased indeed to find out that Macy's now ships to Australia, they have an extensive range of plus size stuff, including these corporate gems:

Omega's Picks: Plus Size Corporate

1. Elementz Plus Size Top, Short Sleeve Drape-Neck
2. Charter Club Plus Size Shirt, Three Quarter Sleeve Printed
3.Tahari by ASL Plus Size Suit, Collarless Single Button Zip Pocket Jacket & Skirt
4.Jones New York Collection Plus Size Dress, Sleeveless with Pleats
5.Spense Plus Size Dress, Cap Sleeve Ruffled Banded Waist 
6 .AK Anne Klein Plus Size Jacket, One-Button Blazer
7.London Fog Plus Size Coat, Classic Belted Trench Coat

I'm going to be keeping an eye on them from now on. You can click through for a closer look at any of these, and if you decide to treat yourself, they will send us a couple of dollars. 


  1. I have a lovely new custom suit from Heart My Closet. They're worth checking out. So great to move beyond the black blazer!

    Here's link http://heartmycloset.myshopify.com/collections/suits.

    1. Thanks for that Siggy, great to hear you have had a good experience with this seller. There are a lot of people out-sourcing dressmaking to Asia and setting up stores, the results can be a bit hit-and-miss. I always advise people to check who's doing the sewing, and keep in mind that every "middleman" between you and the source makes the price higher.