Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lookbook to Street Look: City Chic "Cute Waist" Dress

That's right, beloved readers, it's time for another edition of "Look Book to Street Look"..

.. this is a regular series where I show some plus size fashion as styled by the designer (the look book) and then I show you as it looks on me (street look).

City Chic recently had a good sale and I couldn't resist snapping up a few lovely things - this is one of them. City Chic describe it as a "Cute waist dress", and it does have straps on the side that emphasise the waist nicely.

With the styling on this in City Chic's catalogue they have gone super simple - a nice pair of pumps ad casually styled hair.

So, how did I wear it?

I wore this to a work function recently and it was a cool evening, so I wore leggings and ankle boots under it (both from target). I also layered a long sleeved tshirt underneath, firstly to give me a bit of extra warmth and secondly to ensure I had a work-colleague-appropriate amount of cleavage on show (that is to say, little to none). If I was headed out with friends I would have skipped wearing this layer.

The sleeves of the dress are a bit transparent as well, I think this is going to be a great midseason option, it would give you a bit of coverage against a cool breeze, and would also protect your arms from sunburn without adding too much heat.

As you can see I am quite a bit shorter than the model so on me the skirt is longer than knee length.. this suits me just fine.

I'm really happy with this purchase, I love dresses that are both fashionable and comfortable and this one really fits the bill.


  1. Yaaaay I can live vicariously! I was eyeing this dress off in the sale too, but I'm a good deal taller than the model and it's mid-thigh on me, definitely not work-appropriate! *pouts*

    Love your street look!

    1. That's what leggings are for! :)