Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Spend some of Dermalogica's Cash on Mandela Day!

Today is Mandela Day, and to commemorate it superpower skincare brand Dermalogica are doing something cool..

Many of you have probably heard of the small-loans initiative run by Kiva - if you haven't, it's an amazing scheme where those of us with a few bucks to spare can CHANGE SOMEONE'S LIFE by helping an entrepreneur in a developing country. You give a few bucks and Kiva loans it to someone to help with their business. 98% of the loans get paid back, and when they do, you can take your money back or reinvest it.

Most of these loans are a couple of hundred bucks in total - the sort of money you or I might spend on a big night out. By giving away small change you can contribute to one of these loans, and having done it myself in the past I can tell you it's a really satisfying way to spend $20 or $50.

This particular scheme though won't cost you a cent.

Demalogica is putting up the cash - all you have to do is tell them where to spend it. They have their own Kiva-powered program called and through it they're letting us choose where the money will go. The more hits they get, the more money they'll give. Simple!

Changing someone's life for free, is worth a click, right? Yes it is. Click here:

Here's Jane from Dermalogica explaining it all rather more eloquently than I have:

DO IT! And then comment and tell me you have, so I can tell you how awesome you are.

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