Thursday, July 26, 2012

Swatched: ckOne Eyeshadow Quad - Heat

 Slick, trendy and ultramodern, it seems that ck one is bringing the same slick style to it's makeup range.

These eyeshadow quads are a case in point - they come in chic packaging with a swivel lid, and boast four trendy shades, two matte and two shimmer.

The colours though - well, if you look at these three pictures, the press picture, my shots of the tester palette and the swatches, you're going to wonder whether or not these three are the same product at all. They are, but this palette is VERY hard to photograph accurately, and how the colours look in the pan is very different to how they look on the skin.

The "green" looking one, for instance, swatches as a gorgeous shimmery antique gold colour, that didn't look very green to me at all once out of the pan.

The "pink", which looks more red in my photo, swatches as as a shimmery red, not too overpowering, a great way to get in to red eyeshadow if this is a colour you're not wearing yet.

The "gold" colour swatches as a rich camel tone, and the darker brown is rich and chocolatey. As matte eyeshadows these would be long lasting and great contouring colours.

I am really glad that I took the time to swatch these because they were quite the discovery! I love online shopping as much as the next geek but sometimes it's really worthwhile to get your hands on a product first hand before handing the cash over - this was definitely one of those times!

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