Monday, July 30, 2012

The wardrobe in your head - and how to acquire it for real.

Omega's Picks: Igigi

When you take the time to get to know your body's shape, and think about the sorts of dresses that look good on you, that you enjoy wearing, it's easy to start to built a bit of a mental library that will tell you whether a dress you see online is likely to work for you. 

I have in my head a catalogue of necklines, and sleeve types and lengths, waistlines and hemlines, and I use this mental catalogue to assess almost every dress I see..

Whenever the Igigi catalogue lands in my inbox I find myself looking at them thinking, "Hmm, that could work.. and that one, and that one... " The basic "block" they seem to be cutting and designing from ensures that I could easily spend a grand there at any given moment.

Here's my picks from their latest round of new releases. I would rock any one of these dresses - yep, even the yellow one. 

What do the dresses in your mental catalogue look like? 

Cap sleeve dress





Gold dress


  1. Love love LOVE these (especially the blue x red in the top row, and the pink one bottom left).

    My must is something that emphasizes my hourglass shape, which is what I love about all your picks. I'm busty with wide shoulders and childbearing hips, so without waist definition I just look like a rectangular blob. The floaty skirts and plunging necklines are also a plus ;)

  2. The quality is so lovely too!