Monday, July 2, 2012

Urban Decay Wallpaper Palette

Here's something nice I recently got my hands on.. it's the Wallpaper Palette from Urban Decay.

Ever since I won the "Naked" Palette I have been keen to get my hands on more Urban Decay stuff.. the quality and the pigmentation of it has really impressed me. I especially wanted to try some of their brighter tones.. neutrals are all good and well but colour is really where it's at as far as I am concerned - so this was a very welcome addition.
 The palette has nine shadows..

  • Grind (pale pink with large silver glitter), 
  • Shotgun (brownish maroon with small silver glitter), 
  • Last Call (deep maroon shimmer), 
  • Asphyxia (purple with blue shift shimmer), 
  • Uzi (silver with large silver glitter), 
  • Shattered (muted teal shimmer), 
  • Smog (bronzey brown shimmer), 
  • Chopper (bronze with small silver glitter), 
  • Midnight Cowboy (peachy beige with large silver glitter).

 I put together a couple of looks - a bright colourful combo for nigthtime and something more toned down for daytime..

For the nighttime look I used Uzi, Shattered, Last Call and Asphyxia.

The daytime look has Grind, Smog, Chopper and Midnight Cowboy.

It's really very hard to go wrong with these.. it is rare to find shadows that are both highly pigmented and very forgiving.. whoever chooses colours at Urban Decay has a real gift for creating spectrums that just sing together no matter how you combine them.

I dearly wish that this brand was more easily obtainable in Australia, I would buy a lot more of it if it was!

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