Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Omega's Picks: Domino Dollhouse Urban Mermaid Collection

Domino Dollhouse has done it again - their new collection, called "Urban Mermaids" is full of funky, fashion forward pieces that are a lot more brave than conformist. If you love "statement pieces" and you're not afraid to stand out in a crowd, this is a brand you should become familiar with if you're not already.
Honestly, when I first saw the shots of this collection, I breathed a sigh of relief, it's all pastel and teal and blues and greens and I thought my wallet would be safe! The pieces are gorgeous and I can see how awesome they are, but these are colours I simply don't wear. 

I spoke way too soon though, with the second (or maybe third) release of new items look what appeared..
 this amazing party dress. 

With ruffles and pleats it's got a real Cyndi Lauper vibe to it.. in a good way. I think it's taking the 80s revival that seems to be in full swing at the moment but making it wearable in a modern context. 

I think this would be the perfect dress if you wanted to look both suitably dressed for a semiformal occasion and still look a bit edgy.

Honestly, I don't do strapless, but I love this enough to buy it and go to the trouble of adding straps.. I would just make them just wide enough to cover my bra straps. 

I thought I'd show you both the gorgeous posed model shots and the flat lay shots because they both give you quite a different perceptive of the dress. 

Which colourway is your favourite - the red or the black? 


  1. Love the red but the black might be more versatile...nah.. the red has it!

  2. I want the red. Like you, I don't generally do strapless, but I'd be tempted to explore adding straps to this, because, WOW!