Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Swatch: Chanel InfraRouge Lipstick no 32 Tropic & 36 Sun

Chanel InfraRouge Lipstick - No.36 Sun

Here's two lovely lipsticks I swatched recently at Chanel. As you would expect from a luxury brand they are great quality and offer a colour that is both opaque and highly pigmented and that feels moisturising, but not slick. 
Both of these are very wearable colours and even though at $50-$60 a pop they represent a significant investment, they'd both give you faithful years of service.
Chanel: InfraRouge Lipstick - No.32 Tropic
I of course went straight for the brightest red I could see - No 36 "Sun" in their InfraRouge range, and I also swatched a slightly less incandescent tone, No 32 "Tropic".

I liked both of these a lot, and they have earned a place on my wishlist. 

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