Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What we can (and should) learn from Drag Queens..

These amazing photos, of drag queens "half made up" are from the portfolio of Leland Bobbé - they are part of his amazing series called "Half Drag". The rest of the gallery is here: http://lelandbobbe.com/#/18/22 - well worth checking out.

When I look at these, I am not only stunned by how gorgeous these people are, both in their feminine and masculine aspects.. but it really brings home for me the powerful transformative power of makeup. This, in a nutshell is part of why I love makeup so much.

Women who aren't drag queens can learn an awful lot from these artists. I am not suggesting we all adopt the exaggerated looks shown here for a trip down the shops (but if you want to, GO FOR IT, because you will be the most fabulous person in the grocery aisle for sure).. I see these as the makeup equivalent of those large-text books for sight impaired people. Because everything is dramatic and over the top and exaggerated you can see the techniques used really clearly. You can look at what looks you like and how different features are highlighted or disguised...the contouring and shading and highlighting, the curves of colour, the false eyelashes, how different eyebrow shapes show different looks.. the gradients on the lips and the shading  done with the eyeshadows.. there are so many amazing makeup lessons to learn if you examine these.

There's a LOT to learn here. Take a good look and you might see some things you want to try..in a toned down version, or you know, for a total transformation.  Either way, take these incredible glimpses behind the curtain of drag illusion and enjoy!

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