Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday Sweep Up

We showed our stripes on the blog this week, got nautical, and swatched the heck out of some gorgeous eyeshadows.

Here's what we were up to:

Friday, September 28, 2012

Review: The Balm Shady Lady Eyeshadow Palette Volume 1

Some time ago now got in the post a number of gorgeous eyeshadow palettes from theBalm. I have finally had enough sunny days to take some decent swatch photos so you will see these pop up over the next little bit.
There are three volumes of "Shady Lady" shadows, this is the first one - Volume One. All of the shadows have the names of women, with some amusing (and some less amusing) descriptors attached to them. Here's the swatches with the names on them:

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Review: Models Prefer Infinite Colour Foundation and Models Prefer Energy Lift Primer

Here's a dynamic duo from Models Prefer - the private-label brand of Priceline. Models Prefer is a name that's getting quite the reputation for high quality cosmetics at bargain basement prices - and these two new additions to the range are only going to add to that impression!

The primer has a serum-like texture to it, and a little goes a long way. If you haven't yet added a primer to your routine you should really consider it because it makes the rest of your makeup application easier - this would be a great one to try out, at only $14 it's a low-risk proposition.

The new foundation, also at the great price of around the $14 mark is also well worth checking out. It comes in a great range of shades too - fantastic to see a bit more diversity happening in the product range available. I found this to be easily comparable to other foundations double (or more) the price of this one. It offers a medium level of, which I like.. not cakey and not invisible either. I was really impressed with this.

So, there you go - next time you're in Priceline, give one or both of these some space in your basket!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Review: Bellabox September 2012

The September bellabox arrived and it's choc full of goodies:

What's inside?

Out and About: Yacht Trip

Not too long ago, I was invited by the lovely folk at to experience one of their day trips as their guest. Tick The Box is a site that helps organise outings for women who want to catch up with their friends.

The trip we were hosted on was a three hour cruise (you can start whistling the Gilligan's Island tune now, if you like).. along the Yarra and out to the bay.

Our boat was a small yacht, sumptuously appointed, with comfy leather couches, though as it was such a glorious day we spent most of the time above decks enjoying the sunshine and the view.

We did nip below decks though, to enjoy the attention some talented ladies from Pure Chica, who braved the rocky boat to give us manicures and gorgeous makeup - this part of the day is normally provided at a local beauty salon, which would be a good thing, I think, as their job was made rather difficult by the movement of the boat!

We were asked to "dress nautical" and I did my best, in a denim and polka dot dress and white jacket from City Chic.

We enjoyed a delicious packed lunch (three savoury and three sweet goodies) and soaked up the sunshine. It was a truly beautiful spring day and I can hardly imagine a more pleasant way to spend a morning.

The cost of the trip is no more than a big night out on the town, if you divided it amongst your group, and it's definitely far more memorable than the usual booze-up. If you are looking for a day to remember, I'd recommend checking this site out.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Review: Sukin Wellbeing Body Oil

Oils were out of favour for a few years, but they're back! Having been used for cleansing and moisturising since ancient times, oils can be really nourishing and good on your skin - and often times less greasy than other products.. if you haven't tried one yet yourself, you should consider them.

This one has a mixture of different oils - Sunflower, Jojoba, Marula, Rose Hip, Avocado, Wheat Germ, Evening Primrose, Tangerine Peel, Lavender, just to name a few... it's quite the cornucopia!

I found this really nice on the skin, and after a few moments rubbing it in my skin didn't feel greasy at all, just nice and moisturised.

This kit also came with a lovely lip balm as well as an added bonus, so if you spot this in the store, see if they have the extra as well!

Have you gotten into oils as yet?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Aussie Curves: Stripes

When this theme came up on the Aussie Curves list, I thought, "Oh dear! I don't have any stripes!".. and then, I remembered.. pinstripes.

I love wearing pinstripes. I have a gorgeous pinstripe corset from Gallery Serpentine, several pinstripe shirts.. a fair quantity of different things when I actually thought about it...I dug through the whole lot and put together an outfit that is stripes, head to toe:

The pants are thrifted - they're really awesome because they're made from a stretchy material and are super comfortable, but look dressy for work, such a good find! 

The top and the jacket are both from City Chic - the blouse is made of a stripe-printed chiffon, and has pleating across the bodice with butterfly sleeves.. it's lovely and light, I wear it a lot when the weather warms up.  Over that a pinstrip jacket which I adore, because it has lovely diagonal waist panels with piping that really nip in the waist. It's cut really well for my shape, and always jazzes up any outfit I add it to.

For my makeup, I used the gorgeous new Illamasaqua palette from their Generation Q Collection.. and I got a little bit wild with their teal lipstick - called "Apocalips" (best lipstick name ever, surely!).

I had fun getting my stripes on (can you tell?) 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

TS14+ Spring Collection Launch @ Melbourne Fashion Week

I love a fashion show, so it was with a wistful sigh of envy that I read Danimezza and Jeannie of Inspired Wish's tweets about heading off to the TS14+ catwalk for Melbourne Fashion Week.

Then I made the delightful discovery that the show was open to the public.. so without a second thought I escaped my office at the end of the day and headed straight there. I am really grateful to Jeanie for giving me the heads up about it - I felt quite foolish but was so pleased to be able to go!
A burst of red in the lower right hand corner - that's me!
Jeannie from Inspired Wish took this picture. 
L t R: Jeanie, Danimezza and Omega

I must have known something when I got dressed that morning.. I happened to be wearing an outfit that wasn't entirely inappropriate for a fashion show, thankfully..

When I got there I was pleased to see the friendly faces of Dani and Jeanie! Dani was there to shoot the show and she did an amazing job. Jeanie also took some great pictures which you can see on her blog, including this one where you can see me!

The TS14+ team were very gracious with my surprise arrival and somehow found a seat for me in the front row. A very kind and much appreciated gesture.

Dani in addition to taking some amazing shots of the show was kind enough to snap me as well!

My top is from Target and my skirt is my old favourite from Gown of Thorns. A belt from City Chic over the top and a necklace and jewelled headband from Diva complete the look.

Enough about me, what about the clothes? Well, there's something there for everyone. TS14+ have always been known for their great layering pieces, and there's usually some really interesting structural pieces in each season's collection too. Including one of their items in your outfit can add an element of edgy interest to your ensemble.

Below you can see my very amateur phone camera snaps of my three favourite outfits from the collection.

From left to right:

  • A grey marle pencil skirt that you can gather up to be as short as you like.. it has a really interesting pattern on it of interwoven circles - almost a chain mail effect! It's a really interesting piece that would jazz up a work outfit nicely. On top a very wearable grey tunic top - fits where you'd like it to and flares out as well. I could see myself wearing this very regularly. Also note the gorgeous looking wedges - these are also available in cobalt - they look dressy and comfortable, and would be a fantastic alternative to other far less comfortable heels for an evening out. 
  • This black and white striped dress had me making grabby hands at the model as she walked down the catwalk - how uncouth! I think this would look amazing with some leather leggings or skinny jeans. It's a real statement piece - if you want to get in on the whole neon trend you could add some accessories in neon for some real pop, as they've styled it for the runway. The skirt underneath was also really appealing - looked to be several layers of tulle in an asymmetrical design.
  •  Last but not least, this black mesh vest is an amazing layering piece. You could wear this over almost anything for an instant style update. The wrap around belts the models were wearing were also very appealing to me, I love wearing things belted to emphasise my hourglass, so these made it straight onto my wishlist. 
I had a wonderful evening and I really enjoyed seeing the new collection. I'd love to see more of the plus size labels coming to the party for fashion week - and I'd also love to see more plus size girls on runways generally. This was some very stylish steps in the right direction! 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review: Victorian Disco Galaxy Down the Street Collection

I have raved about this etsy seller before, I thought it was time I showed off another one of her collections.

This is the "Galaxy Down the Street" collection.

I'm sure any relation to the very popular Star Wars franchise is purely coincidental, and besides, George Lucas isn't horrible enough to try and punish some poor little etsy seller just because she's a fan, right?

Ahem.. perhaps we should be grateful he doesn't seem to wear eyeshadows. In public at least. 

Swatches from her store:

Droids: True Golden Lame with Golden Flecks and a Gold Sheen
R2: Bright Blue Shadow with Green Flecks and Silver Sheen
Tatooine: Medium Light Brown with Golden Flecks.
Yoda's Yoga Mat: Light Green with a Strong Golden Sheen. 
The Force, Use It: Very Light Blue with a Strong Reddish Purple Sheen
Death Star: Dark Black with Silver Sparkles and a Gray Sheen
Ewok Pajama Party: Charcoal Black with Pink and Gold Shimmers
It's a Trap: Bright Green Gold with Gold Sheen
Leia's Bikini: Light Brownish Bronze with Gold Flecks
Lightsaber: Medium Blue with a Violet Sheen
Do the Jabba, Jabba: Bright Yellow with Yellow Sheen
Millenium Falcon: Deep Silver with Red, Purple and 3D Sparkles
The Fett: Dusty Purple with Purple and Turquoise Flecks

Like the Sailor Scout collection I previously reviewed, these are great quality and highly pigmented. I've found them to be long lasting. 

In short, I think they're kind of awesome.. almost as awesome as this picture:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

OOTD: Say it with Flowers

It doesn't get much simpler than this. Red Jeans, ankle boots, A floral dress with a belt on top. Easy, casual and fun to wear!

The Jeans and the jewelled belt are from City Chic, so is the floral top/dress, but it was thrifted, the tag has their old name "Big City Chic" so heaven only knows how many seasons ago that was! the ankle boots are my trusty old friends from Target.

This is the sort of outfit that can be thrown together in just a few minutes - one of the great advantages to the limited number of colours in my wardrobe is that to a large extent, everything goes with everything else, so it's really easy to mix and match things. I very very rarely wear the same outfit head to toe twice, but I wear the same items of clothing again and again (I simply can't afford not to!"

I don't have very many florals in my wardrobe, this is one of the exceptions. .I like the lace at the top and the colours in the print very much.

What treasures do you have lurking in the back of your wardrobe?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review: Evo Beauty is Skin Deep Women's Essentials Kit - Calm

When I was in Adelaide recently, I met with the good people at Evo.

Evo is a South Australian company that sells, in the main, really awesome haircare products. Their cheeky packaging and their willingness to poke fun at the rest of their industry makes me like them a lot - it's just as well their products are also really good, too.

They pretty much only sell their stuff through hair salons.. if your salon happens to be an evo stockist, you're in luck because this stuff is pretty amazing.

I was given a travel pack, which has sample sizes of five products. The one I got is "Calm - for dry, frizzy, colour-treated hair".

Inside is this:
  • 50ml the therapist shampoo
  • 50ml the therapist conditioner
  • 50ml the great hydrator moisture mask
  • 50ml soap dodger body wash
  • 50ml self indulgence body creme
I have already reviewed the moisture mask, so I was really pleased to get another one. The others have matched the good impression I already had - the shampoo and conditioner transformed my hair so much - EVEN BOYS NOTICED. I know, right? Amazing. Even the body creme is really good - rich and sweet smelling. 

Keep your eyes out for these - they're worth searching for. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Aussie Curves: Tribal

Tribal theme this week for the blog hop - what the heck does tribal mean, anyway?

In the fashion world, it seems to mean "culturally appropriated elements". I'm not sure how comfortable I am about that. The whole thinking around cultural appropriation is something I don't really have my head around. I can accept that some people think it's bad, and there does seem to be some clear-cut cases where you just shouldn't get into it - sacred objects like feather headdresses, for instance.

The wider realm of being influenced by patterns and styles and elements from other cultures, though - that seems to me to be a good thing.. the more of a melting-pot we become the less opportunity there is for hatred, one would hope..

I decided to dodge that whole morass and instead show you tribal from a different angle.

I started thinking about my tribe. My tribes, I should say, because I am part of a few of them (as we all are). There's my poly tribe, which is what we like to call our extended family-of-choice.. but there's not really a fashion style associated with that..

There's some others though that definitely come with a dress-code. Let me show you some of my tribes.

First up - the tribe I have been a part of since I was a teenager. The Goth Tribe. When we're not sacking Rome (ha ha history joke) we can be found looking decadent and delicious after dark.

Then, there's the steampunk tribe:

Steampunk (for those that don't already know) is an aesthetic genre where the participants imagine that the "Age of Steam" never ended - the industrial revolution never happened, mass production doesn't exist, and all our modern do-dads are powered, in the main, by steam instead of electricity. It's a neo-victorian look full of brass, clockwork and gadgetry. Oh, and goggles - mustn't forget the goggles.

Any subculture that encourages handsome young men into waistcoats and gives me an excuse to wear bustle skirts and corsetry is okay by me.

So - there they are - just two of the more fashion-oriented tribes I am a part of.

What tribes are you a part of? Tell me in the comments!

Oh, and while you're here - I am doing an awesome giveaway on the blog at the moment - a hotel and restaurant voucher for a great night out.. You should totally click here and enter!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Sweep Up

The usual Saturday Sweep Up is a Sunday Sweep up this week, as I had to leave my sponsored post "top of blog" for a specified amount of time.

Veet are shouting one of my readers a fabbo night out - a hotel and restaurant voucher (in your town or close to).. if you haven't entered yet, what are you waiting for? Go, do that, now!!

Right, now that's done, what else has been happening around here this week?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sponsored Post: A Foolproof Plan for a Good Night Out.

This is a sponsored post, bought to you by Nuffnang and Veet. They're paying me to tell you about their cool new product, and they're paying for me to offer you some nice prizes. My words, thoughts and opinions, as always, remain my own. 

So.. it's Friday night and the city beckons..

When I get home from work.. this is usually the state I'm in:

I'm tired and worn out.. but the weekend calls, so I put in a tried and true plan of attack to get out the door.  First step.. pour a nice little glass of wine. Red of course!

The evening is looking better already! But it can get better - put on some suitable pre-party music. Something classic. Something tasteful. Something like this:

When your kids/housemates/neighbours ask "WHAT IS THAT RACKET" you can tell them very seriously (and entirely truthfully) That this is the Justified Ancients of MuMu, also known as the K.L.F, and futhermore known as The Jams. Then offer them some wine. The neighbours, not the kids.

Then.. it's grooming time. A nice hot shower - extra points for a scented body wash that will have you smelling like flowers, and if you want to remove hair from your legs (or somewhere else), there's a new gadget that will make that easy. It's the aptly named Veet "Easy Wax". It's an electric wax heater, with a roller top, so the wax is always at the right temperature and the roller ensures that you wind up with the right amount of wax. It's got a wax cartridge that slips right in, there's one kind for legs and another kind for underarms/bikini (the one I got sent just has the leg wax in it).

 I've experimented with home waxing before, with mixed results - I found this a much easier way to do it than the methods I have tried in the past. It's less messy and all the tricky bits are sorted out. I found it took less time than usual because the roller just gets the wax right on nice and easy, and it's easier to get the cloth strip on (and less painful to get it off again). 

After that's done, it's hair, makeup and red dress time..

The dress I'm wearing is from City Chic. The sequin shrug is from Millers and my shoes are Fluevogs.

With that, I'm out the door!

What's that? You want to go out too? Well, thanks to Veet you can! Thanks to their sponsorship I am giving away a night out on the town - a restaurant voucher and an overnight hotel stay! Your evening will include Hotel & restaurant details will be provided once winner is selected. Please refer for the Terms and Conditions here:

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"Why do you think the Veet EasyWax is a great addition to your pre-night out beauty routine

UPDATE: Veet and Nuffnag have chosen the winner for this Competition and it is Jeanie! Congratulations Jeanie! 

Review: Uspa Organic Wild Thyme Foot Pumice

I got a sample of this in the Bellabox.. it's the "Organic Wild Thyme" foot pumice scrub.

As the name suggests it smells like wild thyme, and I find this a very pleasant aroma indeed.. it's not floral at all, which is something I prefer.

This has ground pumice in it - so I wouldn't use this as an exfoliator on any other part of my body, but for feet it's perfect - just strong enough to do the job but it won't hurt you at all.

This is perfect for a pampering pedicure session, just the thing to make your beautiful tootsies even more so!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Omega's Picks: Plus Size at The

Omega's Picks: Plus Size at The

Ever since they opened their online doors, I have been a fan of The Iconic. Headed up by Australian Fashion Icon Sarah Gale, they have been bringing fashion forward gorgeousness to our doors faster and more efficiently than ever before.

For their Sydney customers they offer a "3 hour delivery" service, you you can pick out a dress in your lunchbreak and have it delivered to your office before you head out the door - now that's service! For the rest of the country they have free overnight delivery which is also pretty cool.

I haven't bought anything from them yet, though. Why? Well, they didn't sell plus sizes. I was left, like everyone else over size 14, with my nose pressed against the glass, longingly looking at lovely dresses I couldn't wear.

I mentioned my dilemma to the lovely Ms Gale when we met at a fashion event, and she told me to keep my eyes on the site, because things were going to change, and those of us who wear plus sizes were not going to be forgotten.  It brings me great delight to tell you that this promise has been kept! The Iconic has added a plus-size section,  and in what I'm sure will be an ever growing list (fingers crossed) are now offering some items from these designers in plus sizes:

  • 17 Sundays
  • Dream Diva
  • Embody Denim 
  • Free Woman
  • Yarra Trail

Of course, given the choice, I'd rather that all the other clothes they sell were made in a wider range of sizes - a girl can dream, right? In the meantime a separate plus size section is a good thing - it allows me to look at the things I can wear (and not be saddened by the things I can't wear).

I've done some virtual shopping and chosen some things I liked the look of from their selection - what do you think of my choices?

Tiered Maxi Dress
$125 -

Licorice Razor Shirt
$83 -

$155 -

Floral Jeans
$82 -

My Boyfriend's Back Dress
$93 -

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Review: Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer

Some time ago now I was invited to an event run by Dermalogica. Along with some other beauty bloggers we were wined and dined and told all about their new products.

Their sunscreen we have already told you about, but they launched a primer as well, which has only come on to the market this month.

I've been really eager to tell you all about it.. why?