Thursday, September 6, 2012

OOTD: A touch of Spring

Here in chilly Melbourne we still have our winter coats on but the scent of Spring is unmistakably in the air. I knew I wouldn't be wearing my coat all day with this outfit, which made me a bit sad because it's new. I got it from Asos on sale and I love it - it's a darker red than I was expecting, more of a burgundy/wine colour, but that's okay.

Under my coat I wore a pinstripe blouse that has slightly puffed sleeves and a some nice ruffles on the front, and over this I put a gorgeous velvet-burnout scarf I have - with the warmer weather I could choose a decorative rather than warming scarf.

I belted this with my snake-heads belt from City Chic.

The bottom half is a pair of pants from target - they're stretchy material with a fold-over top like "thai fisherman pants" - super comfy and easy to wear.

My shoes are my trusty old friends from Target. A friend told me they make my feet look big, I think that's because they're long and pointy in the toe.. I don't mind, I like the look of them.. must be my goth love of pointy shoes and boots coming through!

There's nothing fancy about this outfit, it's just a good workhorse - comfy, smart enough for the office and easy to wear.

What are the workhorses of your wardrobe?

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