Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Out and About: Yacht Trip

Not too long ago, I was invited by the lovely folk at to experience one of their day trips as their guest. Tick The Box is a site that helps organise outings for women who want to catch up with their friends.

The trip we were hosted on was a three hour cruise (you can start whistling the Gilligan's Island tune now, if you like).. along the Yarra and out to the bay.

Our boat was a small yacht, sumptuously appointed, with comfy leather couches, though as it was such a glorious day we spent most of the time above decks enjoying the sunshine and the view.

We did nip below decks though, to enjoy the attention some talented ladies from Pure Chica, who braved the rocky boat to give us manicures and gorgeous makeup - this part of the day is normally provided at a local beauty salon, which would be a good thing, I think, as their job was made rather difficult by the movement of the boat!

We were asked to "dress nautical" and I did my best, in a denim and polka dot dress and white jacket from City Chic.

We enjoyed a delicious packed lunch (three savoury and three sweet goodies) and soaked up the sunshine. It was a truly beautiful spring day and I can hardly imagine a more pleasant way to spend a morning.

The cost of the trip is no more than a big night out on the town, if you divided it amongst your group, and it's definitely far more memorable than the usual booze-up. If you are looking for a day to remember, I'd recommend checking this site out.

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