Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review: Evo Beauty is Skin Deep Women's Essentials Kit - Calm

When I was in Adelaide recently, I met with the good people at Evo.

Evo is a South Australian company that sells, in the main, really awesome haircare products. Their cheeky packaging and their willingness to poke fun at the rest of their industry makes me like them a lot - it's just as well their products are also really good, too.

They pretty much only sell their stuff through hair salons.. if your salon happens to be an evo stockist, you're in luck because this stuff is pretty amazing.

I was given a travel pack, which has sample sizes of five products. The one I got is "Calm - for dry, frizzy, colour-treated hair".

Inside is this:
  • 50ml the therapist shampoo
  • 50ml the therapist conditioner
  • 50ml the great hydrator moisture mask
  • 50ml soap dodger body wash
  • 50ml self indulgence body creme
I have already reviewed the moisture mask, so I was really pleased to get another one. The others have matched the good impression I already had - the shampoo and conditioner transformed my hair so much - EVEN BOYS NOTICED. I know, right? Amazing. Even the body creme is really good - rich and sweet smelling. 

Keep your eyes out for these - they're worth searching for. 

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