Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Review: Glamourflage Sensation Gift Pack

Sometimes we all need a little pampering and this gift box is just the thing!

It's called the "Sensation Gift Pack" and it's from Glamourflage. I have raved about this company before - the combination of great modern products in the gorgeous vintage styled packaging is a real winner as far as I'm concerned.

As you'd expect from Glamourflage the box is beautifully presented with cute pinup girls all over it, and it has a magnetic closure and a ribbon so everything stays where it should be.

On the inside is a lovely soap called "Jaunty Jess", it smells heavenly - scented of frangipini according to the packaging. It's one of those really smoothly milled soaps that makes a rich lather.. just the thing for a lazy bath. A few candles, a glass of wine.. heaven.

There's also a set of "Bella Babe" blotting papers - if you have oily skin or are prone to getting shiny as the afternoon wears on you will wonder how you ever did without these - they can take the shine right away and make you look like you've got a fresh face of makeup without you having to reapply your foundation - that's a neat trick.

Last but certainly not least there's a gorgeous "Lotus Lily" tangerine lip balm. This also smells great and is just the thing for those windy days. The little tin is small enough to just sit in your handbag for when it's needed, it's a nice way to have a touch of luxury right at hand.

I think this would make a lovely gift for a friend, some pampering items are always welcome.. this has a good combination of something for the bathroom and something for the handbag which makes it stand out I think.

What do you think? Like the look of this? What's your favourite ways to pamper yourself?


  1. Glamourflage have the most beautiful products, this looks gorgeous.

    1. I really can't resist those pinup girls! Just as well the insides are also really good :)