Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review: Victorian Disco Galaxy Down the Street Collection

I have raved about this etsy seller before, I thought it was time I showed off another one of her collections.

This is the "Galaxy Down the Street" collection.

I'm sure any relation to the very popular Star Wars franchise is purely coincidental, and besides, George Lucas isn't horrible enough to try and punish some poor little etsy seller just because she's a fan, right?

Ahem.. perhaps we should be grateful he doesn't seem to wear eyeshadows. In public at least. 

Swatches from her store:

Droids: True Golden Lame with Golden Flecks and a Gold Sheen
R2: Bright Blue Shadow with Green Flecks and Silver Sheen
Tatooine: Medium Light Brown with Golden Flecks.
Yoda's Yoga Mat: Light Green with a Strong Golden Sheen. 
The Force, Use It: Very Light Blue with a Strong Reddish Purple Sheen
Death Star: Dark Black with Silver Sparkles and a Gray Sheen
Ewok Pajama Party: Charcoal Black with Pink and Gold Shimmers
It's a Trap: Bright Green Gold with Gold Sheen
Leia's Bikini: Light Brownish Bronze with Gold Flecks
Lightsaber: Medium Blue with a Violet Sheen
Do the Jabba, Jabba: Bright Yellow with Yellow Sheen
Millenium Falcon: Deep Silver with Red, Purple and 3D Sparkles
The Fett: Dusty Purple with Purple and Turquoise Flecks

Like the Sailor Scout collection I previously reviewed, these are great quality and highly pigmented. I've found them to be long lasting. 

In short, I think they're kind of awesome.. almost as awesome as this picture:

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