Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sponsored Post: A Foolproof Plan for a Good Night Out.

This is a sponsored post, bought to you by Nuffnang and Veet. They're paying me to tell you about their cool new product, and they're paying for me to offer you some nice prizes. My words, thoughts and opinions, as always, remain my own. 

So.. it's Friday night and the city beckons..

When I get home from work.. this is usually the state I'm in:

I'm tired and worn out.. but the weekend calls, so I put in a tried and true plan of attack to get out the door.  First step.. pour a nice little glass of wine. Red of course!

The evening is looking better already! But it can get better - put on some suitable pre-party music. Something classic. Something tasteful. Something like this:

When your kids/housemates/neighbours ask "WHAT IS THAT RACKET" you can tell them very seriously (and entirely truthfully) That this is the Justified Ancients of MuMu, also known as the K.L.F, and futhermore known as The Jams. Then offer them some wine. The neighbours, not the kids.

Then.. it's grooming time. A nice hot shower - extra points for a scented body wash that will have you smelling like flowers, and if you want to remove hair from your legs (or somewhere else), there's a new gadget that will make that easy. It's the aptly named Veet "Easy Wax". It's an electric wax heater, with a roller top, so the wax is always at the right temperature and the roller ensures that you wind up with the right amount of wax. It's got a wax cartridge that slips right in, there's one kind for legs and another kind for underarms/bikini (the one I got sent just has the leg wax in it).

 I've experimented with home waxing before, with mixed results - I found this a much easier way to do it than the methods I have tried in the past. It's less messy and all the tricky bits are sorted out. I found it took less time than usual because the roller just gets the wax right on nice and easy, and it's easier to get the cloth strip on (and less painful to get it off again). 

After that's done, it's hair, makeup and red dress time..

The dress I'm wearing is from City Chic. The sequin shrug is from Millers and my shoes are Fluevogs.

With that, I'm out the door!

What's that? You want to go out too? Well, thanks to Veet you can! Thanks to their sponsorship I am giving away a night out on the town - a restaurant voucher and an overnight hotel stay! Your evening will include Hotel & restaurant details will be provided once winner is selected. Please refer for the Terms and Conditions here:

Entering is easy, all you have to do is subscribe to this blog (through google friends connect, bloglovin, or networked blogs, or via email), and then comment on this post telling me where you subscribed and answering the following question:

"Why do you think the Veet EasyWax is a great addition to your pre-night out beauty routine

UPDATE: Veet and Nuffnag have chosen the winner for this Competition and it is Jeanie! Congratulations Jeanie! 


  1. I subscribed via email. I would actually get over my leg wax fear if I had one of these. Do they have teeny tiny ones for eyebrows?

  2. I have you on my RSS feed and also read through Facebook - does that count as subscribing? =P

    Right before a great night out, the last thing you want is for your legs to look red and swollen from plucking! I find shaving doesn't quite work as well since all it does is cut the hair, and for those of us with really thin skin, you can still see the hair beneath the skin! (I know, that sounds impossible, but it's true)

    So having this, would definitely be a life saver. I dislike waxing myself since I find it so fiddly, but if I could have this, I think I'd do it in a jiffy!

  3. Its easy and its quick,
    Veet leaves my legs my smooth and neat.
    I'm ready in a jiff,
    For a night out, what a treat!

    Oh and I signed up by email

  4. Subscribed by email (and RSS, and facebook...)

    "Why do you think the Veet EasyWax is a great addition to your pre-night out beauty routine?

    I can do it at home so I am not bound by the vagaries of my schedule matching my local beauty salon. And it means I can avoid the last minute rushed shave, which is prone to leaving me with nicks from the blade (and on one memorable occasion an inch long cut. Mmm, flattering. not.) Also, for a night out that's going to go into the next morning at this lovely hotel, I don't need to worry about prickly dark stubble! Always a bonus.
    Really, being able to wax quickly and easily in the comfort of my own home, fitting into my own routing rather than the whole routine having to be worked around it, sounds like pure win to me! What's not to like about being more relaxed and happy in preparation for a good night out?

  5. I follow you via Bloglovin :)

    Veet Easy Wax is quick to prepare, easy to use, and convenient to store. Using it in your pre-night beauty routine means you have silky smooth legs and can therefore wear whatever you wish (not just pants that have to cover hairy legs)! And to top it all off, you are saving lots of money that can be better used on luxury treats!

  6. I follow you via email (and Facebook). I am an impatient lady, hating time spent n the salon. So I've become a leg shaver, but this Ceet product has brought me back into the leg waxing fold. It's neat, tidy & very hard to mess up, which I love :)

  7. And please pardon my iPads idea of autocorrect ::facepalm

  8. Subscribe via RSS

    Veet Easy Wax sounds perfect to get rid of unwanted hairs on my short stumpy legs before I go for a night out with my girlfriends :) They all have long supermodel legs and well...I can't grow my legs long but at least I can have hair-free smooth as butter legs :)

  9. I've subscribed via email. I love this idea, I finally shaved my legs last night after putting it off for more than 2 weeks because I never have the damn time to run a bath. This is something I can do without waiting for the bathroom to be available (hooray for sharehouses), and if need be while I'm answering emails or otherwise multi-tasking. And of course waxing lasts longer than shaving so win-win!

  10. Have subscribed via email again. I have in the past but I wasn't receiving emails. Don't ask me what I did to my iPad this time!!!!
    This is the perfect product for me as I'm the kinda girl who never uses the right amount of wax & if it's for a special nite out, I'm even worse!!!! I truly believe that if a room could talk, my bathrooms still screaming from the great wax spill of 2010. (on a positive note that section of my bathroom vanity has been mess free for 18 months now, nothing sticks to it!)

  11. I'm following via Bloglovin.

    "Why do you think the Veet EasyWax is a great addition to your pre-night out beauty routine?

    Dressing up to go out is an event in itself. I make an occasion out of it. Planning the outfit and selecting the perfect shoes. Washing my hair the day before to make styling easy. Waxing my legs with Veet would be the icing on the cake.

  12. Hope I'm making this in time???? :)
    I am a follower via GFC!

    I think the Veet EasyWax would be great for me because I find myself constantly running late and time poor! Whenever I have a special event on shaving my legs goes to the bottom of the priority list! I have found myself out and about on several occasions with some serious leg hair! Veet EasyWax would keep me from getting into this furry position! ;)