Friday, September 21, 2012

TS14+ Spring Collection Launch @ Melbourne Fashion Week

I love a fashion show, so it was with a wistful sigh of envy that I read Danimezza and Jeannie of Inspired Wish's tweets about heading off to the TS14+ catwalk for Melbourne Fashion Week.

Then I made the delightful discovery that the show was open to the public.. so without a second thought I escaped my office at the end of the day and headed straight there. I am really grateful to Jeanie for giving me the heads up about it - I felt quite foolish but was so pleased to be able to go!
A burst of red in the lower right hand corner - that's me!
Jeannie from Inspired Wish took this picture. 
L t R: Jeanie, Danimezza and Omega

I must have known something when I got dressed that morning.. I happened to be wearing an outfit that wasn't entirely inappropriate for a fashion show, thankfully..

When I got there I was pleased to see the friendly faces of Dani and Jeanie! Dani was there to shoot the show and she did an amazing job. Jeanie also took some great pictures which you can see on her blog, including this one where you can see me!

The TS14+ team were very gracious with my surprise arrival and somehow found a seat for me in the front row. A very kind and much appreciated gesture.

Dani in addition to taking some amazing shots of the show was kind enough to snap me as well!

My top is from Target and my skirt is my old favourite from Gown of Thorns. A belt from City Chic over the top and a necklace and jewelled headband from Diva complete the look.

Enough about me, what about the clothes? Well, there's something there for everyone. TS14+ have always been known for their great layering pieces, and there's usually some really interesting structural pieces in each season's collection too. Including one of their items in your outfit can add an element of edgy interest to your ensemble.

Below you can see my very amateur phone camera snaps of my three favourite outfits from the collection.

From left to right:

  • A grey marle pencil skirt that you can gather up to be as short as you like.. it has a really interesting pattern on it of interwoven circles - almost a chain mail effect! It's a really interesting piece that would jazz up a work outfit nicely. On top a very wearable grey tunic top - fits where you'd like it to and flares out as well. I could see myself wearing this very regularly. Also note the gorgeous looking wedges - these are also available in cobalt - they look dressy and comfortable, and would be a fantastic alternative to other far less comfortable heels for an evening out. 
  • This black and white striped dress had me making grabby hands at the model as she walked down the catwalk - how uncouth! I think this would look amazing with some leather leggings or skinny jeans. It's a real statement piece - if you want to get in on the whole neon trend you could add some accessories in neon for some real pop, as they've styled it for the runway. The skirt underneath was also really appealing - looked to be several layers of tulle in an asymmetrical design.
  •  Last but not least, this black mesh vest is an amazing layering piece. You could wear this over almost anything for an instant style update. The wrap around belts the models were wearing were also very appealing to me, I love wearing things belted to emphasise my hourglass, so these made it straight onto my wishlist. 
I had a wonderful evening and I really enjoyed seeing the new collection. I'd love to see more of the plus size labels coming to the party for fashion week - and I'd also love to see more plus size girls on runways generally. This was some very stylish steps in the right direction! 


  1. It was awesome to catch up in person. For someone who hadn't planned to attend a cat walk, you looked fabulous. I adore your skirt! There were sooo many great pieces from TS I'm not sure I have a favourite. Jeanie, with one n ;)

    1. Edited to correct the spelling of your name! That was a derp moment if ever I had one :)