Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Makeup Ideas: Haunted Downton Abbey

This is a really good costume-idea-generator - take your favourite TV show or movie (preferably a costume drama) and make it SPOOKY. Volia!

For the Halloween Party we had on the weekend, I had to dress the part too - and I thought I'd channel the Dowager Countess from Downton Abbey. Now the amateur historian in me is compelled to make this distinction - this is by NO MEANS a historically accurate outfit, and I am not trying to cosplay the Countess. The fabrics and components are all wrong. What I was going for here was the vaguely right silhouette for the era, and a nod to it in my hairstyle and makeup. I used clothes I already had and spent very little time getting ready (I was too busy doing pre-party work). I spent most of the party in the kitchen and staying out of the way of the girls and their fun, so I needed something I could work in as well. 

I plonked a very cheap "bo peep" black ringlet wig on my hair, that I have had for years and is in quite a birds-nest state by now, and then I swept my own hair up over it, for an oversized "Gibson Girl" hairdo. I deliberately kept it kind of wonky and with hair trailing out for a spooky dishevelled look.  I put a facinator on top and then wrapped the lot in this "halloween tinsel" I have also had for years - it's kind of barb-wire-ish and has little spiders on it. It sprung out everywhere and all the spiders wobbled about whenever I moved, very ooky spooky!

For my makeup, a pale base,  a bit of direly-smudged purple eyeshadow and a lipstick to match, and I am all done. 

Then an outfit of old favourites - my fishtail brocade skirt from Gown of Thorns, a top and belt from City Chic, a lace jacket with purple/black fake fur trim, and a chunky necklace from Sportsgirl. 

Quick and easy (the entire thing including the hair and makeup took less than 10 mintues to get into) and just the thing to scare all the other parents. "Yes, Yes, leave your daughter here with me.. she will be unharmed. Promise..."

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, I hope you've enjoyed the last few days, and whatever you're doing on All Hallows Eve I hope you have a lovely time! A Happy Halloween to you all. 


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Inside Out Style Blog - the Omega Interview...

Recently, I was interviewed for the "Stylish Thoughts" column over at Inside Out Style. If you want to see what I said about beauty, and fashion, and style, head on over and have a look!

Reading it back, I felt like I got a bit ranty. What do you think? 


Halloween Makeup Ideas: Cracked Doll

I hosted a Halloween party on the weekend for my daughter and a dozen or more of her friends from school. Much fun was had by all!

Melodie wanted to be a creepy, evil looking "spooky cracked doll" for the party, so I put her hair in pincurls overnight for "doll hair" and then did this makeup on her in the morning:
Started out with a really pale "porcelain" base (her favourite Garnier bb cream mixed with Illamasqua's ghost white skin base) and then added pink eyeshadow. For a pop of neon on the cheeks I used the BYS neon pink pigment. The lipstick is a pink-with-glitter concoction from MUA. 

She's wearing two sets of lashes - Blynk on the top and Lash Republic on the bottom. 

The "crack" is simply liquid eyeliner.

I think she has her spooky look down pat, don't you? 


Monday, October 29, 2012

Aussie Curves: Skirts

Dear Readers, we bring you a momentary break from the Halloween Festival for an Aussie Curves update. This week the theme is Skirts. 

I find skirts really versatile and they are a staple of my wardrobe. Huge floaty maxi skirts for warm summer days, snug pencil skirts for sexy sauntering, dramatic fishtails for evening drama.. I have them all! This of course, leaves me with a bit of a dilemma - which one should I show you? 
Then, a revelation! Lucky me, one of my favourite skirts has never made an appearance on this blog!
It's made by Victor Alexandre, a Melbourne designer, and surprise, surprise, it's red - red tartan to be exact.
The skirt is wool - now if I had not escaped the redneck lands of Queensland for Melbourne, I would hardly have had reason to own this - in the chilly southern climes it often comes in handy.. I know people often move north for the weather, but I am no fan of summer heat, so I went south instead, and whenever I get to wear something like this in October, I feel like that was a brilliant decision. 

This has a large triangular yoke at the front, and is gathered at the hem, so it bustles out - it has really interesting pleats and tucks in it so it forms a cool shape from every angle. 

My favourite thing about this skirt though, is the deep and useful pockets on each side - the skirt is made so they can hold a lot of weight without distorting the shape of the skirt at all. With this skirt on, a handbag is a choice, not a necessity. I wish more women's clothes had the utilitarian aspects of men's clothes - men take useful pockets for granted, I am not sure why we women haven't demanded they become part of everyday wear for us too! 

The rest of my outfit - I'm wearing a grey tunic top with black trim at the neckline, from Moda by Target, and over that, a cropped short sleeved jacket from City Chic many seasons ago - the belt is from there, too. The shoes are old faithfuls, also from Target. 

This was a comfortable and casual outfit to wear that still looked dressy enough for the party I was headed to. Springtime in Melbourne this year is resulting in a lot of days that seem perfect to me - warm sun, cool breeze, lovely weather that isn't too hot.. gorgeous. 


Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Makeup Ideas: House Slytherin Hogwarts Professor (Evil Wizard)

A while back I got invited to a "School" themed event, and instead of doing the "naughty schoolgirl" thing that seems so popular (so not my style) I instead went with something a bit wilder. 

Hogwarts is one of the coolest schools I can think of, so I thought I'd dress up as a Professor from House Slytherin. If the Sorting Hat ever gets put on my head, I already know that's where I would wind up! 
I got a cheapie liquid eyeliner and drew myself a tattoo as well - if you're going to be evil, might as well go all the way and pledge yourself to Lord Voldemort, I say! 

My makeup is really simple - I just took the dark green from my Too Faced Smoky Eye Palette and added some green Pure Pigment from Illamasqua.

I put a cheap costume wig on my head and swept my hair up over it for a "Gibson Girl" look, and then sprayed it with cheap and nasty green hair spray. 

I plonked my Lush Cherry fascinatior on top, donned a black professor's robe, and I was good to go!

I made some Harry Potter fans very happy and some other people very confused. 

This is an example of a way you can dress "in the theme of" a favourite book or movie without trying to cosplay anyone in particular - it gives you a lot more freedom to use what you've got on hand, and the opportunity to be really creative.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

I said there was a big announcement coming, didn't I....

Well, I have finally been given permission to let the cat out of the bag..

I have been chosen to be an Official Target Blogger. 

What does this mean? Well, the nice people at Target are going to pay me to go shopping (I know right), in return for me sharing my finds with all of you. They asked me to buy plus sized clothes and share some Giftmas shopping tips, too - oh, go on, twist my arm! 

So how do I feel about this? 

Yeah, that about sums it up. 


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Makeup Ideas: Fairies, Fauns, and More!

Fairies, Fauns, Pixies, Medusa, mythical and legendary creatures are always a good option for dress up.. there's lots of ways to interpret a character like that so you can use whatever you've got on hand and whatever you fancy to get the look together..

Here's some previous posts of mine that have showed off looks in this genre! Click through for all the details on how to create this for yourself. 

Purple Evil Fairy



Ice Queen

Any of these tickle your fancy? Which one is your favourite? 


Halloween Makeup Ideas - Lion with a Scar

I'm not one for Disney characters, but if I was forced to dress up like one it would certainly be a villain! They're just so much more fun!

I thought I'd be a Lion for a costume party I was DJing the other night. I started with a foundation that looks very yellow on my skin - if you have a foundation that is too dark and/or looks orange or yellow on you this is a great way to use it up and do something awesome with it! I had a sample of Benefit's "Hello Flawless" that was too dark and yellow for me - after using in this way though I can tell it's a really lovely foundation, and I've determined to try some in my shade now!  After my yellow base I did some really heavy shading with brown shadow, you can see I have shaded a triangle down the centre of my forehead and around my hairline for a really exaggerated heart-shape face outline. I also shaded heavily on each side of my nose to give more of a "snout" look. After lowlights, highlights - I went very pale under my eyes and under my nose for my lion-cheeks. 

I did dark shadows and heavy cats-eye liner (never more appropriate!) and then painted on some wild eyebrows too! I didn't do much to block out my existing eyebrows, just covered them up with a bit of a foundation - if I was doing this makeup for an event with bright lighting I would have taken the extra time to put some latex (or in a pinch, a glue stick) over my brows to block them out. In the dim light of the nightclub I was DJing at this wasn't noticeable at all. 

I painted on a nose and mouth with liquid eyeliner (a cheapie-but-goodie from Face of Australia) and added some dots for whiskers. After that, I added the Scar with the ghost-white Illamasqua Skin Base I have in my collection - it's brilliant for highlighting when blended in, and great for an opaque splash of white like this, too. 

Then I put my hair up in a "Mane" shape around my head and teased and backcombed it into a wild mane of hair!

I hope you're enjoying these wild makeup ideas for Halloween or your next costume party. It's a good time of year to remind people that there are thousands, nay, millions of awesome and fun costume ideas out there that aren't racist or culturally appropriative in nature. Leave the feather headdresses and sugar skull faces out of it, along with other sexist and racist stereotypes, and instead enjoy dressing up as something or someone that doesn't encourage a negative stereotype or increases stigma.