Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Easy Victory Rolls Hair Tutorial

When I put up my Aussie Curves post yesterday, I had several people ask me "How did you do that to your hair?"

The thing is - it's really, really easy. But much easier to show you than explain, so I filmed a video tutorial for you all.

This is a vague approximation of a style that's often called "Victory Rolls" now - but this technique, once mastered, can be used to create all sorts of retro and historical looking hair. With many smaller sections pinned up it can look Victorian, and with a few big ones it looks very 40s or 50s

I used "The Wet Brush" in this tutorial, which was sent to me by the kind people at i-glamour.com - as the name suggests it's a brush specifically designed for wet hair - the bristles are really soft but super effective.

I also used Lady Jayne bobby pins, I find by spending a little bit more for pins initially they last a lot longer and I wind up saving money.

For a finishing spray I used Catwalk by Tigi, Session Spray which I was sent to try out. It's a light hairspray, it deals with any fly-aways but doesn't give you that "helmet head" look, so I have been using it a lot.

If you've got any questions or other tutorial requests, go right ahead and ask!


  1. Thank you for making the video. I loved seeing how this is done. You make it look easy. I'll have to give this a go tomorrow. Love your long red locks, stunning!

    1. You're most welcome! It looks easy because it really is easy! I look forward to seeing some fun new hairstyles on your blog :)