Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Makeup Ideas: Haunted Downton Abbey

This is a really good costume-idea-generator - take your favourite TV show or movie (preferably a costume drama) and make it SPOOKY. Volia!

For the Halloween Party we had on the weekend, I had to dress the part too - and I thought I'd channel the Dowager Countess from Downton Abbey. Now the amateur historian in me is compelled to make this distinction - this is by NO MEANS a historically accurate outfit, and I am not trying to cosplay the Countess. The fabrics and components are all wrong. What I was going for here was the vaguely right silhouette for the era, and a nod to it in my hairstyle and makeup. I used clothes I already had and spent very little time getting ready (I was too busy doing pre-party work). I spent most of the party in the kitchen and staying out of the way of the girls and their fun, so I needed something I could work in as well. 

I plonked a very cheap "bo peep" black ringlet wig on my hair, that I have had for years and is in quite a birds-nest state by now, and then I swept my own hair up over it, for an oversized "Gibson Girl" hairdo. I deliberately kept it kind of wonky and with hair trailing out for a spooky dishevelled look.  I put a facinator on top and then wrapped the lot in this "halloween tinsel" I have also had for years - it's kind of barb-wire-ish and has little spiders on it. It sprung out everywhere and all the spiders wobbled about whenever I moved, very ooky spooky!

For my makeup, a pale base,  a bit of direly-smudged purple eyeshadow and a lipstick to match, and I am all done. 

Then an outfit of old favourites - my fishtail brocade skirt from Gown of Thorns, a top and belt from City Chic, a lace jacket with purple/black fake fur trim, and a chunky necklace from Sportsgirl. 

Quick and easy (the entire thing including the hair and makeup took less than 10 mintues to get into) and just the thing to scare all the other parents. "Yes, Yes, leave your daughter here with me.. she will be unharmed. Promise..."

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, I hope you've enjoyed the last few days, and whatever you're doing on All Hallows Eve I hope you have a lovely time! A Happy Halloween to you all. 


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  1. You look so pretty and fabulous! I would love to try this makeup idea on Halloween, with a little twist. I love that purple and magenta color combinations. Love et!!!

    Dear, let me share my own list of Halloween makeup ideas that hopefully give you more options for this year's hallowen. Cheers!