Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Makeup Ideas: House Slytherin Hogwarts Professor (Evil Wizard)

A while back I got invited to a "School" themed event, and instead of doing the "naughty schoolgirl" thing that seems so popular (so not my style) I instead went with something a bit wilder. 

Hogwarts is one of the coolest schools I can think of, so I thought I'd dress up as a Professor from House Slytherin. If the Sorting Hat ever gets put on my head, I already know that's where I would wind up! 
I got a cheapie liquid eyeliner and drew myself a tattoo as well - if you're going to be evil, might as well go all the way and pledge yourself to Lord Voldemort, I say! 

My makeup is really simple - I just took the dark green from my Too Faced Smoky Eye Palette and added some green Pure Pigment from Illamasqua.

I put a cheap costume wig on my head and swept my hair up over it for a "Gibson Girl" look, and then sprayed it with cheap and nasty green hair spray. 

I plonked my Lush Cherry fascinatior on top, donned a black professor's robe, and I was good to go!

I made some Harry Potter fans very happy and some other people very confused. 

This is an example of a way you can dress "in the theme of" a favourite book or movie without trying to cosplay anyone in particular - it gives you a lot more freedom to use what you've got on hand, and the opportunity to be really creative.


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