Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Lion with a Scar

I'm not one for Disney characters, but if I was forced to dress up like one it would certainly be a villain! They're just so much more fun!

I thought I'd be a Lion for a costume party I was DJing the other night. I started with a foundation that looks very yellow on my skin - if you have a foundation that is too dark and/or looks orange or yellow on you this is a great way to use it up and do something awesome with it! I had a sample of Benefit's "Hello Flawless" that was too dark and yellow for me - after using in this way though I can tell it's a really lovely foundation, and I've determined to try some in my shade now!  After my yellow base I did some really heavy shading with brown shadow, you can see I have shaded a triangle down the centre of my forehead and around my hairline for a really exaggerated heart-shape face outline. I also shaded heavily on each side of my nose to give more of a "snout" look. After lowlights, highlights - I went very pale under my eyes and under my nose for my lion-cheeks. 

I did dark shadows and heavy cats-eye liner (never more appropriate!) and then painted on some wild eyebrows too! I didn't do much to block out my existing eyebrows, just covered them up with a bit of a foundation - if I was doing this makeup for an event with bright lighting I would have taken the extra time to put some latex (or in a pinch, a glue stick) over my brows to block them out. In the dim light of the nightclub I was DJing at this wasn't noticeable at all. 

I painted on a nose and mouth with liquid eyeliner (a cheapie-but-goodie from Face of Australia) and added some dots for whiskers. After that, I added the Scar with the ghost-white Illamasqua Skin Base I have in my collection - it's brilliant for highlighting when blended in, and great for an opaque splash of white like this, too. 

Then I put my hair up in a "Mane" shape around my head and teased and backcombed it into a wild mane of hair!

I hope you're enjoying these wild makeup ideas for Halloween or your next costume party. It's a good time of year to remind people that there are thousands, nay, millions of awesome and fun costume ideas out there that aren't racist or culturally appropriative in nature. Leave the feather headdresses and sugar skull faces out of it, along with other sexist and racist stereotypes, and instead enjoy dressing up as something or someone that doesn't encourage a negative stereotype or increases stigma. 


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  1. Raaawwwrr! That looks so cool! It may not be considered as creepy Halloween makeup but it surely does have a character. Thanks for sharing!