Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Makeup Ideas: Mad Scientist

As regular readers know, I love dressing up, and I am lucky enough to have "DJing at Costume Parties" as one of the jobs I do. My partner holds (amongst others) an American passport and being that way inclined we celebrate Halloween at our house. I love it - it is "Goth Christmas" after all.

In the days leading up to Halloween I am going to be sharing some wild dress-up makeup ideas - both some brand new ones and some older ones from the blog. It's going to be a costume makeup extravaganza around here!

So, without further ado...

Here's a look I did recently for a "Mad Science" gig. While I could make a speech about the stigmatisation of mental illness and how it's not a good idea to throw around words like "Mad" as though they're meaningless, I will instead say that I think "madness" and "genius" are closely related and I think that's why the "mad scientist" is such a persistent archetype.

I donned goggles for this and worked my makeup around that. It is fun and easy to make a smoke outline with black eyeshadow and it looks awesome!

For my eye makeup I used a combination of reds and bright blues, along with spots of Illamasqua's Gold "Alchemy" liner along my bottom lash. On my lips is Apocalips for a suitably cyanotic look. 

With my hair piled on top of my head in an "Electroshocked" hairstyle, and my red labcoat on, I looked the part. I enjoyed laughing manically and saying things like "I'll show them! I'LL SHOW THEM ALL!!" all night. 



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    1. Thank you! It's easy and fun to wear :)

  2. I soooo love your makeup ideas! Thanks for sharing, this is such a great help since I am looking for great and scary halloween makeup ideas and this post just gave me few ideas. Thanks for sharing, dear!

    cheers and more power!
    ~ Cristine