Thursday, October 18, 2012

OOTD: The Ridiculous Bogan Car

 Had an opportunity to have a peek inside a stretch Hummer today.. or as I like to call it "A Ridiculous Bogan Car". I can confirm the seats were comfy, and the idea of cruising around with a group of friends and a Thermos of cocktail seemed like a fun idea.

It also makes a great prop for an OOTD, don't you think?

I'm wearing things you have all seen before.. one of my very favourite dresses from a thrift shop, a red silk blouse from Target underneath, my Lululemon leggings, my trusty black flats also from Target.. and because I was having a bad hair day this morning and it was a bit chilly, a sparkly black beret.

Makeup wise I have kept things very simple, a bit of brown eyeshadow and Emani's "Sex Pistol" lipstick, which despite the name is a very tame dark coral shade.

Just another day, nothing special.. but then, stretch limousines! I always pat myself on the back when I have managed to put together an outfit that looks good and then get invited somewhere - it's always good to be prepared! It motivates me to make an effort when I think I'm just going to be sitting at a desk all day - you never know what might be around the corner.

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