Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review: Lust Have It Eco Box September 2012

The Lust Have it Eco box is a new offering in the world of sample boxes, a quarterly box featuring the very best of green and friendly "eco" products.  It's a bit more expensive than the monthly boxes, but you get more, so it's totally worth it.

Here's what was in the first box.. (when I say box, I of course mean cute jute bag).

  • Avado Sensitives - Organic Gel Exfoliant - this is a really gentle exfoliant, just the thing for in between more vigorous scrubs. 
  • Organix Scented Candle - mine is Absolute Rose and smells lovely
  • Live Clean - Exotic Nectar Argan Oil Treatment - just as I was opening this to smell it, josh appeared out of the shower having just washed his hair, so I put some of this through the ends, and it seems to work really well - full review soon.
  • Kosmea Radiance 24/7 youth boost - like all Kosmea products this is rosehip oil based, my skin loves rosehip so this is a welcome addition.. 
  • Burts Bees Rhubarb Lip Shimmer  - my daughter saw this, smelled it, put it on and said "YOINK!", so she's happy! :)
  • Sranrom Renewed Energy Body Lotion - this has a really interesting spicy scent, not too girly, so I will probably use this as a massage lotion when I have company I'm in the mood to spoil. 
  • Lady Lya Matita Ochhi Eye Liner - mine is a very wearable black, I would have loved a brighter colour but black will always get used.
This is a great collection and well worth the price of the box! This is a fantastic new offering for Lust Have It, there was definitely a gap in the market for this kind of sampler. I'm really looking forward to getting this from now on. 


  1. This box looks great, I love everything in there!

    1. It really is a nice collection, even though I expected really good things, I found myself pleasantly surprised :)

  2. This looks fab - I wonder if they'll send me this if I sign up now? I know it's against the "spirit" of these sample boxes, but I generally prefer seeing what I'm getting before I get it...

    1. I'm not sure, but even if the don't the next one will be worth getting I think :)

  3. Not a bad Lust Have It box! I signed up when it first launched but then I got disappointed with some so I quit it

  4. This is a different "edition" of the box. I think both this eco one and the regular box is getting stronger month to month - there's less competition now there's more variety happening..