Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Review: Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse (or how to smell posh and French like Madame du Pompadour)

When I recently attended the Beauty Blogger Utopia weekend, we were given a presentation by Cosmetics De France, who represent a number of French brands here in Australia. Bioderma and Uriage which most people have probably heard of, and one that is still a bit unknown here in Australia - Nuxe.

Our presentation happened at the Guylian Chocolate Cafe, and while we were being plied with hot chocolate and pastries a very suave and charming French fellow was telling us all about these products.

I have to confess - if someone read me a garbage truck collection schedule with a french accent, I would probably sigh and swoon..

With this weakness in mind I put on my best sceptical eye when reviewing the products we were given.. but despite my best efforts I found myself quite won over - especially by one product in particular, the Nuxe  Huile Prodigieuse

According to Google Translate  Huile Prodigieuse means "prodigious oil", and according to the dictionary prodigious means " amazing, stupendous, astounding, wondrous, miraculous".. wow, that's some oil!

It is kind of amazing though. It can be used on the hair, face, or body, and it doesn't feel greasy or oily at all on the skin.. it's called a "dry oil" and it does seem to just sink right in. I put some on my hair straight away, because of all the bleaching and dyeing I do my hair is always dry, and this perked it right up - it went from frizzy to bouncy almost immediately.  I found that it also made my skin feel smooth and soft - putting it on after a shower gave me velvety soft skin that even other people noticed.

And the smell? Oh, the smell. It has a floral scent, but not in an "eww, too sweet!" sort of way, it's a rich botanical aroma.. close your eyes and you're strolling through the gardens of Versailles while all the roses are in bloom.. I'm quite sure this is what Madame du Pompadour smelled like. All right, perhaps not, but it really is a gorgeous scent.

(if you don't know who Madame du Pompadour was, look her up on Wikipedia. You won't be sorry. She was an amazing, gorgeous, hedonistic woman - Mistress to a King and quite the backside-kicking awesome type. And posh, oh so posh.  One famous quote about her to whet your appetite:  ""She had a horror of common or banal objects, or ones that were often copied, with fashionable motifs; if a piece of furniture was to please her it must be unique of its sort; the same applied to all her upholstery and hangings, always specially woven for her." She was also a plus sized lady if her portraits are to be believed and considered the great beauty of her age.

I'm sure if Madame du Pompador was using this product though, she would have used the version that has gold flecks in it - I am not sure if the "Gold" version is available in Australia yet, but I'm sure it is just a matter of time.

If you love things that smell like heaven and work small wonders, you are definitely going to want to keep a look out for this.


  1. Love this product, it sits on my desk so I can use it on my hair, face, body whenever the inclination takes me. Great review!

    1. It really is just a little bottle of heaven as far as I'm concerned.. :)