Sunday, October 14, 2012

Review & Swatches: theBalm Meet Matt(e) Eyeshadow Palette

I got my hands on this as part of a haul I did, theBalm did a one-day special on palettes that I just couldn't resist. I had been eyeing this off for a while, and finally made it mine. Cutely entitled "Meet Matt(e)", it is, as you would expect, a collection of matte eye shadows. 

I find matte shadows great for day wear - although I'd love to wear sparkles every day there's some times that they are just not appropriate, and the matte look does have it's own charm.

Here's the thing though - despite the name of this palette, a couple of these shadows have a slight but definite shimmer to them - a surprise in a palette that is meant to be all matte. "Matt McDonald" (Grey) and "Matt Horowitz (Blue) both have a bit of sheen - not a lot, but enough for them to not seem totally matte to me. They are lovely colours though, so I can't say this is really a sticking point for me. 

The colours are as follows:

Matt Smith: Creamy beige
Matt Gallagher: Light pinkish-brown
Matt Ramirez: Dark reddish-brown
Matt McDonald: Dark greyish-blue (slight sheen)
Matt Horowitz: Medium blue (slight sheen)
Matt Chung: Pale pink
Matt Batali: Dark eggplant
Matt Schilling: Medium teal
Matt Patel: Medium mauve

I am finding this a collection of great wearable colours, and one sweep of the darker ones is a ten-second action that gets me out the door looking put together. If you want a set of easy peasy (mostly) matte shadows than this palette is well worth picking up.

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