Wednesday, November 14, 2012

From Lookbook to Streetlook: Virtu

It's time again for another edition of "From Lookbook to Street Look" - a regular series here at Fashion Adjacent where I show you an item two ways - worn by a gorgeous model and styled by the brands' best.. and worn by me!
I got a package from Virtu the other day, and inside was this lovely tunic top, it's called the Stephanie Tunic. As you can see from the picture it is nice and long and has pleating at the front. What you can't see in this picture is that the pleats are in the back too, and that this is made from a cotton/linen mix, so it is really lovely to wear. 
They've done something brilliant with the fabric mix so that despite the fact it's natural fibres this doesn't crease.. how they have managed that, I'm not sure, but I really like it!
So how did I wear this?
Well, also in the package was a cute red obi belt from  TS14+  which goes really well with the top. It can be worn a number of ways, but I opted to tie a decorative knot in the front of it and simply wrap the ends around the back.  I teamed it with my red jeans from City Chic, flats from Target and a long beaded necklace. 
This is as close to "jeans and tshirt" as I get - I am not very good at casual.. but this was comfy and fun to wear. I think this is going to see a lot of wear in the warmer months ahead, it just breathes so nicely and is cool and comfortable.
I put my hair up into a ponytail and added a couple of flowers, just because it was a beautiful day and wearing flowers in the springtime always seems right. 

I can see this top becoming a staple of my summer wardrobe - it's also available in green and blue if you'd like some other colours. Me, I'll stick to black, thanks. 



  1. that looks better on you than on the model

  2. Oooh I love this, and linen/ cotton for the win :D

  3. I actually hadn't heard of Virtu before this (behind the times I know!).
    And I love that this is cotton/linen, great for Summer.
    Also, I go to their website today and it's "Buy one, get one 50% off" til the 18th. Incentive!!!

  4. I have the biggest girl crush on that model, she does so much work in catalogues and signs in shopping centres and *sigh* too beautiful. And you, my dear, are rocking the casual look! It is nice to change it up isn't it? I hardly ever do, definitely not a fashion girl haha.

  5. Oh and sorry for double comment, but I just remembered something that made me laugh. Was away for the weekend with fam, and put a few bets on the horses. One called Omega something or other appears, I throw money on it thinking of you...didn't win :( But it made me smile :)