Thursday, November 1, 2012

OOTD: Problogger Conference, and an important question for you - yes, you.

The Problogger conference was at the beginning of October, and I have been meaning to post about it since then.. it was such an amazing experience, but also overwhelming and exhausting, and I think it's taken me some time to process it all. First things first, what did I WEAR? Well, the ever talented Danimezza took these shots of me, with my phone, no less, proving that it's not her fancy camera but pure talent that makes her take great photos..I'm wearing a long sleeved top from Target, and my Victor Alexandre dress "thing" over that - like the skirt I featured at the start of the week, this has pockets, and can be worn several ways - the combination of the ultra-conservative charcoal suiting fabric with the modern avant-garde cut of it really appeals to me, I love wearing this thing. Plus it's comfy, which is always a bonus. Underneath, my red chiffon overlay skirt from Crossroads. Ankle boots from Target.

I was not long out of knee surgery, so I was in pain when these were taken, and utterly exhausted at the end of two massive days of information and inspiration overload - can you tell?

Apart from listening to the wisdom of the Problogger himself (a nicer or more knowlegable guy you'd be hard pressed to meet) I was introduced to the inspirational ideas of Chris Guillebeau, and have been reading his book "The Art of Non-Confomity (sounds like it was written for me, doesn't it!) and it's been melting my head, in a good way.

I've come to the realisation that even though I think of this blog as very new and very small.. really, it isn't, anymore - there are a lot of you reading and commenting, and I am getting a steady stream of requests for MORE - more advice, more tips and tricks, more tutorials, more ways to access information.. 

So, you've asked and I've listened, I will give you more.. I am not sure exactly what form that's going to take, just yet, but watch this space, things are happening behind the scenes at a frantic pace!

Here's your chance, though, to influence that process as it is occuring. If you could hire me for a day, in person, or remotely, what would you have me do for you? If you could ask me something, what would it be? 

Go on.. tell me. I'm listening. 



  1. If you could be hired for the cost of cocktails and sandwiches at Madame Brussells,I would get you to come clothes shopping with me.

    1. I wouldn't want word getting around that I was so easily bought!

      .... okay it's a deal :D