Sunday, November 4, 2012

Review: Lust Have It October 2012

The Lust Have It box for October has arrived, it's always a lovely surprise when it shows up.. 

So what did we get this month?

  • Waxaway wax strips - not the most exciting item but certianly practical and useful!
  • Rose Confetti Soap - these are soap petals in the shape of flowers, really quite beautiful!
  • Say it with Scent Lavender hand and body lotion - Lavender is such a lovely calming scent, this will be really nice after a shower. 
  •  Montaser Eye Cream - not a brand I am familiar with, and it will be difficult to tell much from this tiny sample.
  • Red Door perfume sample - cute little bottle of a classic scent.
Sad to have got no makeup at all in this month's box, it's always the makeup samples that I like the best. There's no doubt that there's $15 worth of stuff here - when I think about the logistical nightmare that putting these boxes together must be I am pleased that there's anyone out there brave enough to take on the challenge. 

The Lust Have It team gets a torrent of abuse on it's facebook page, there are some people who really love complaining  it seems, and they deal with it with a dignity and grace that's a pleasure to see. It seems to me that if a sample box of makeup is the most enraging thing in your life, well, you're doing okay, I think. 

So, I'm not going to complain about this, even if I haven't liked it quite as much as other month's offerings. I got my money's worth and there are some lovely things here.


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