Friday, November 9, 2012

Review: Napoleon Set Jet Set Palette

Spotted this in a bargain bin at Target and just had to make it my own! It's the "Jet Set" travel Palette from Napoleon's budget "Napoleon Set" brand. 

This palette has a whopping 18 eyeshadows, four blushes and four small lip glosses, along with a mirror and three brushes.

The eyeshadows have a lovely soft texture and the tones, while nothing particularly exciting are all very wearable neutrals. There's a variety of creams. golds, terracotta shades and browns.. there's literally thousands of ways you could combine these for a wide variety of looks.

If you were sighing and wishing for the Urban Decay Naked palette but wanted to spend less than $20, this would give you much the same capability at the right price point. It's no replacement, that's for sure, but you would be able to do a lot of the same sort of neutral looks with the wide variety of shades here.

Like other Napoleon blushes I've tried, a light hand is required with these - they are very highly pigmented and you only need a very small touch of them. I find them quite easy to over-apply, so I'd advise caution with these.

The lip glosses, on the other hand, have hardly any pigment at all, they will give the barest hint of colour and shine on the lips - a good companion for more dramatic eye looks.


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