Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Review: Skinvitals Hydraflex Age-Defying Cloth Mask

These could quite possibly be THE most glamorous photos that have ever been displayed on this blog.. what do you think? Never let it be said I don't go to all efforts to give you a smile...
The delightful adornment you can see me wearing above is the SkinVitals HydraFlex Multi-Peptide Face Mask.
The mask is made of cloth towel and is shaped to fit the face. The material is stretchy so you can get good coverage regardless of the actual dimensions of your face. This was drenched in a clear serum, that I could feel start to work just a minute or so after I put it on. 
Now while you're wearing one of these you're meant to sit quietly and let the serum do it's work, no doubt.. but I instead crept up on my poor daughter who was very happily reading a book until I startled her. There has to be some upside to looking like a horror movie extra, right? 
I left this on for 15 minutes as per the instructions. It felt slightly tingly (the mask was on my lips and these started to feel very tingly, so I moved the mask a bit).. after I took it off my skin felt both soft and tight - similar to the feeling after a clay mask, but with much less mess!
They recommend using these once a week, but I don't often have time for that, so this would be an occasional treat for me. If you like clay masks but don't like messy cleanups, this would be well worth a look. 

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