Friday, November 2, 2012

Swatched: Chi Chi Goes to Rio Eyeshadow Palette

 I love snapping up a bargain! When I saw this for $5 in a throw-out bin at Target I just had to have it.  I have always been impressed with the quality of ChiChi stuff - for the price it's really rather good. These are great budget items that are perfect when you're just playing around with colour - when I have a house full of teenagers and they want to play with makeup, this is the sort of thing I will pull out of the stash..

This came in a pack with a huge palette of bronzer (I won't be going for the oompa loompa look any time soon, but I will use these great bronzey colours as eyeshadow), a brush, and the eyeshadows.. it would have been a good deal at the $24.95 sticker price, at $5 it it a total steal.

As you can see from the swatches, the pigmentation on these is quite good - you can build it up for a quite bright effect or keep it muted with just a couple of sweeps. There's a great rainbow of colours to choose from, and there's any number of looks you could engineer with this.

If you're worried about looking like a clown, just try a spot of colour on the inner corner of your eye, or use as an eyeliner on your lower lash - a pop of colour like that can really update your look and be lots of fun to wear without being too scary.

Low cost items like this are a great way to experiment with new colours - if you find you like a certain wild colour you could seek out a better quality shadow, knowing your money won't be wasted. For the cost of this you can try out 11 wild new shades.

If you see this in a bargain bin near you, don't hesitate, you won't be sorry.


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