Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tutorial: Vintage Glamour with Eles Cosmetics

 Eles Cosmetics is a mineral cosmetics brand, and they recently released their "look" for Summer 2012, which they quite rightly called "Vintage Glamour".

Vampy eyes and red, red lips? Of course I loved it instantly! They were kind enough to send me some of the components of the look so I thought I'd have a go at recreating  it.

Automatic Long Lasting Lipliner in Red Earth 012. A really smooth and creamy lip pencil that goes on like a dream and seems very smudge resistant. 
The items I got sent and tried out were:

Liquiliner in Annisete - a gorgeous true-black liquid eye-liner in really cute packaging - the brush is really great and it's easy to get a very precise and totally opaque line with this. 

Bronzeberry Bronzer - this looks dark in the video but in person it is not too dark at all, it's a really good totally matte contouring shade. Great texture and pigmentation, this will be my go-to for contouring from now on. 

So, what did I do with all these goodies? With a couple of additions from my trusty collection, I did my best to recreate this really classic look.
I started with my usual pale base, and then contoured with the bronzer. then I defined my brows (essential for a look like this).

 Then I used cream, gold and bronze eyeshadows to do a really simple neutral look - a nice canvas for the stars of the show - the dramatic wingtip eyeliner and those high voltage red lips. 
Then a quick sweep up of my hair and I was all done!

I did a video tutorial so you could see it all, it even includes the hairdo! I decided to show a more modern version of the beehive - instead of sleek and perfect like the model, I made mine a bit messy and dishevelled for a more trendy take on it. 


So, here I am trying to pull the face the model is in the picture.. it's way harder than it looks and felt very silly indeed!!

Here's the video, as promised! If you want to be the first to see these tutorials as they go up, then consider subscribing to my YouTube channel. 

So, what do you think? How did I do? Do you fancy trying this look yourself? 


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