Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Counter Culture: YSL Myer Melbourne

So, do you like to visit cosmetic counters, or are you too chicken?

I have spoken to lots of women who say they're nervous about going to cosmetic counters in department stores, especially the high-end ones - but there's no need to feel apprehensive.. there is so much you can learn there, as well as looking at all the gorgeous things.

The staff are very friendly and helpful and they have all sorts of wisdom to share - take Rita for example. She is the woman who helped me out at the YSL counter, she's worked at high-end makeup counters for a couple of decades now, and if she doesn't know it about makeup, well, it's just not worth knowing. I got a great rundown of all the good stuff at YSL and got a mini-makeover too. She showed me some great techniques with blush that I have been using ever since, and she used the eyeshadows in a configuration I wouldn't have thought of but really like.

It's great to see how the products work on your face before you splurge out, and usually any cost associated with getting a makeover can be redeemed in product. If you know you want to get something it is a really great way to make your dollar stretch further.

I fell in love with this gorgeous tomato-red lipstick, it's definitely on my wish list for Giftmas!

If you haven't visited these counters for yourself, you really ought to - bring a friend if you need moral support.. put on a pretty frock and go have a look.. be warned though, you might just wind up treating yourself to something gorgeous.


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