Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Out and About: The Key of Sea

I'm off to the theatre on Friday, and not just any theatre, the Arts Centre!

I've been invited to a concert called "The Key of Sea". In exchange for telling you this concert's on, they've given me a free ticket. When I heard about the project I was only too happy to agree to the deal, because they're doing something pretty special with this. 

So, what is "The Key of Sea"?  Well, as described in the blurb:

"The Key Of Sea Live in Concert
Chet Faker, Tim Rogers, Sophia Brous, Jinja Safari and more unite for the first time in one extraordinary concert.

Unifying some of Australia’s finest music icons with musicians from refugee/asylum-seeking backgrounds, The Key of Sea LIVE in concert offers a rare coming together of fantastic musicians from around the world – each with their own voice – celebrating a modern Australia for one night only. 

Don’t miss this unforgettable night of great music featuring: Tim Rogers and Polyxeni, Jinja Safari and Kinfe Geshu, Sophia Brous and Awaz, Chet Faker and The Royal Swazi Spa, The Tiger & Me and Murtaza Jafari, taking the stage with special guests MC Rockwiz’s Brian Nankervis and Waleed Aly." 

I've been listening to some of the songs from last year and this one and they're breathtaking. If you'd like to hear them too, follow this link

I think any event that promotes the idea that people seeing asylum here are, well, simply people - people with hopes and dreams, families, who are not so unlike you or I, except that they have been through the sorts of horrible things that hopefully you or I can't even imagine. They come here seeking a better life and a chance at a new beginning.. that seems a noble aim to me. I think the way our government chooses to treat these people is anything but noble, but that's a rant for another day. 

Whenever I hear horrible rhetoric about "boat people" or asylum seekers, I am always reminded of our national anthem - specifically the bit where it says "For those who come across the sea, we've boundless plains to share..." says it all really, doesn't it? 

You only have to actually meet some people from refugee or asylum seeker backgrounds to see that they too have "added their distinctiveness to our collective" (to get all borg on you for a moment) in ways that have enriched us all. One of Melbourne's best features is its multiculturalism and a concert like this that celebrates that is right up my alley. 

If you'd like to join me on Friday you can buy a ticket here. They're $49, I think it's going to be a pretty amazing night. 

As part of this deal, I am also going to attend Blaze (a street dance event)  and Oh Suivant (a circus event)  in January, so I'll tell you a bit more about them closer to the date. The Arts Centre has a show every day and night except Christmas and New Year's Day and they also have a program of free events. Check out their website for all the details - If you do decide to come along to something, and you see me, please say hello, I love meeting readers! Just look for the red hair, I'm hard to miss!


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